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01 Invest in Bitcoin

Why is this the best BITCOIN BEGINNERS COURSE?

This course is a 1-on-1 Live-Seminar, held online, with one of our experts. Your personal BTC consultant will guide you through every single step.

Online courses are cheap. Not only in price. There is no way to ask any questions if you don’t understand or if you get stuck. So why would you waste your money? Invest smart right from the start!

Diversify your portfolio with Bitcoins. Become a serious cryptocurrency investor like Elon Musk (Tesla), Ray Dalio (Bridgewater), or Tim Cook (Apple). Learn everything about investing in Bitcoin and ask questions until you are 100% ready to start. Your personal consultant will guide you through this course and he continues to be there for you, whenever you need advice, even after this course. Why do people invest in Bitcoin?

BTC is by far the best investment:

+ 100%

is the average annual return.

Bitcoins are getting scarce:

Max. 21 Mio.

BTC available. Get yours now!

BTC is the future of money:

> 300 Mio.

people already use Bitcoin.

Bitcoin consulting

02 Learn BTC trading

Learn to buy, earn, hold, and trade Bitcoin

You will learn in just 3 hours everything you need to know about Bitcoin. In this live Seminar, your personal Bitcoin consultant will teach you the knowledge, tools, and strategies to invest independently and safely. This will bring you maximum profit.


03 Learn Bitcoin

What you will learn?

Bitcoin is the giant of Cryptocurrencies, the future of money, and is the best crypto asset to invest in. Your personal BTC consultant will teach you everything you need to know in 3 simple steps:

1. How to buy and earn Bitcoin (BTC)

We will teach you how you can invest in Bitcoin. Lesson number 1 is about how to buy and how to earn BTC for almost free.

2. How to hold and store Bitcoins safe

Lesson number 2 will be about “hodling” Bitcoins. We show you where to store your BTCs safe from hackers and scammers.

3. How to sell and trade Bitcoin

In lesson number 3 we will show you where and how you can trade Bitcoin. Become a crypto trader for more profit.

This Bitcoin Course for Beginners includes:

  • 3 Hours Live-Seminar
  • 3 Lessons with a professional consultant
  • Free Guide and Video recoding
  • Up to 3 Participants for the same price
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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You are not a Beginner? Then switch to our:

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You can always come back for our advanced cryptocurrency courses. If you don’t own Bitcoins as yet, we strongly recommend our Bitcoin Beginners Course first.



Bitcoin Course: Students’ Testimonials

People all over the world trust us because: We are a solid Swiss crypto consulting company with many years of experience; We give no investment guarantees and we would never act on your behalf; But we show you the way to success in simple words.

iMi Blockchain
Based on 22 reviews
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Felah VoltaireFelah Voltaire
07:57 03 Nov 23
Very professional
Lovelu MolloLovelu Mollo
21:03 01 Nov 23
Wealth UdenyiWealth Udenyi
00:06 30 Oct 23
Moritz C. H. MünchMoritz C. H. Münch
09:01 24 Aug 23
you should definitely deal with it.Blockchain is the future!
Sa WaSa Wa
19:53 15 Aug 23
12:54 20 Nov 22
What I watchedWhat I watched
17:09 20 Jun 22
15:26 19 Apr 22
Jana WoltetJana Woltet
19:48 18 Apr 22
Ebru CakalEbru Cakal
01:27 17 Apr 22
Reygie CuliliReygie Culili
13:17 20 Feb 22
iMi has the expertise and experience to help your business succeed in this new and growing industry.
Queenie HabanaQueenie Habana
04:18 20 Feb 22
They are always available to assist you, answer your questions, and provide you with the most recent information.
Jerric PagalJerric Pagal
14:01 30 Jan 22
They pride themselves on providing the most up to date information available in the crypto space.
12:11 24 Jan 22
I am Glad that I discovered this platform...It was of great help to me and my investment plans.
Renelyn BergunioRenelyn Bergunio
10:24 09 Dec 21
They've helped me so much since I don't have the time to keep up with crypto news on my own. iMi Crypto will give you all the information you need without overloading you.
Zian SuyamZian Suyam
13:06 26 Nov 21
The course is great!! Very informative and well presented. The video and text view are excellent- easy to go back and revisit parts.
Gui BorcharttGui Borchartt
15:07 13 Nov 21
This cryptocurrency firm is fantastic. They are the industry's leading information hub for all crypto topics.
Sérgio EduardoSérgio Eduardo
12:55 03 Nov 21
iMi is the best beginning company for crypto traders and investors. They give you theinformation that is important for making wise business decisions.
Batang GamhananBatang Gamhanan
00:22 16 Oct 21
Great information and easy to follow along. Very helpful and easy to understand. You'll feel like you're in the room with the instructors, which makes it all the more helpful.

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