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blockchain programming
02 The Process

Blockchain Programming

Programming blocks is a versatile job. First of all, some guys do believe they can learn it auto-didactically. As a result, they often fail. Consequently, an iMi senior blockchain programmer studied at a top university. Our developers are state of the art in all coding languages.

Certainly, most agencies do outsource the blockchain programming part. Hence, we at iMi do every single task ourselves.

In short: Based in Switzerland, we offer enterprise level programming. Fully dedicated to this awesome technology. First of all, we unite all needed process steps in-house. Our blockchain experts are passionate and reliable. We share a lot of information about blockchain on our blog for free. We do implement blockchain programming for any type of business. Starting with a proper blockchain consulting, to ensure a successful implementation.

03 The architecture

Blockchain Application Architecture

Before we talk about the Application Architecture, let’s understand the basic characteristics first. Certainly,

this technology is often decentralized, but always accountable, fast, efficient, transparent and secure.

But most of all, the application is incredibly flexible.

Together we define your business case, find a practicable process, get your stakeholders on board, and create super fast networks.

A proper blockchain application architecture always starts with a seamless process map of your individual business case. Hereby, a good blockchain education is key.

Finally, if you look at the following types of potential application architectures, you’ll likewise find your own individual solution needed.

enterprise blockchain consulting and deployment services
centralized blockchain


decentralized blockchain


public distributed ledgers


private distributed ledgers


04 App development

We Develop Blockchain Applications

Although it represents only one part of what we develop, we have a comprehensive team to create beautiful applications. Hence, iMi is hiring only top notch coders and developers. Likewise, teams are built around your project. As a matter of fact,

we have experts in all programming languages, from C++ to Solidity.

Furthermore, we also have Web developers who rollout your code on a beautiful and user-friendly Website. In other words, you as a user, can work from an intuitive Surface.

In conclusion, you’ll never have to worry about programming. You simply add data and we do the digital peer-to-peer exchange. Most important: A dedicated team will develop block chain applications in the following fields for you:

Centralized Applications

The blockchain architecture is set like a cloud.

Decentralized Applications

Decentralized architecture is the major way of setting up this technology.

Public Distributed Ledgers

If users don’t need to stay anonymous, we build this type of Ledgers.

Private Distributed Ledgers

If users need to be anonymous, we build so called Private Ledgers.

Blockchain Example Code

After all, you want a first idea how a blockchain example code looks like? Firstly, the concept is pretty simple. In fact, it is a distributed database, including a continuously growing list of records. Secondly, and explained in a simple way, we start by creating a Block Structure as the following:

Block 0

Index: 0
timestamp: 18:15 1/1/2019
data: “block0data”

hash: 0xea35xy…99

previousHash: 0

Block 1

Index: 1
timestamp: 18:17 1/1/2019
data: “block1data”

hash: 0x6f1dyz…dab

previousHash: 0xea35xy..99

Block 2

Index: 2
timestamp: 18:19 1/1/2019
data: “block2data”

hash: 0x97g3zz…47a23

previousHash: 0x6f1dyz…dab

After that, what have we done in this blockchain example code? Block 0 got a hash (…99). This hash must be found again in No 1 as “previousHash”. While “hash” in this has the previous hash as from No 2. Most noteworthy, we kept it simple and only included: index, timestamp, data, hash and previous hash. The previous block is found again to preserve the integrity of each block. In addition: Once a block and a hash is created it cannot be changed anymore. Full transparency & security. Finally, please always keep in mind that this technology is not just about Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency!


How to Learn
Blockchain Programming?

Join our passion and learn blockchain programming. To sum up, we offer practical trainings for everyone! Subsequently, we show you how to learn code blockchains. Become a member of our campus for free. Learn how it works. No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced programmer. Most importantly, you should Start right Now:

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05 Network

Our Network Partners

Check out our network of partners. As we only work with the best in class, you can be sure to receive premium services. First of all, we cooperate with the best global blockchain companies. Furthermore, we are members of all important associations. On top, you can meet us at global summits around the globe. Contact us if you’re looking for a reliable partnership.

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Our partner for multicloud platforms

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The Global Blockchain Network

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