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Now you can book a consultation with the experts in Blockchain Technology. We answer all your questions regarding Distributed Ledger Technology, Smart Contracts, ICO’s, and or Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, or any other).

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During a consultation we can talk or explain to you whatever you need to know. Maybe you want to know:

How Blockchain can help your business?


How to invest, trade, and make money with Bitcoin?

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03 Professional Advice

Consultation for everyone

No matter, whether you are a business professional or a private beginner. We believe that everyone should know the potential of blockchain technology. Therefore, we offer free and paid consultation for everyone.

Let’s talk about Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts or potential Blockchain applications.


The 4 consultation options

Free consultation

Within a 30 minutes call (phone or video) we can answer general questions you might have or discuss your status and needs. From there we can setup an individual consulting process.

1 hour consultation

Within one hour we can answer your most common questions. Furthermore, we can help you in hardware or software issues. You might have user issues or some major questions to be answered.

4 blockchain consultation options

1 day consultation

In a 1 day consultation we can guide and teach you many things. We take 8 hours together and go for example into software and hardware wallets, Bitcoin investment opportunities, smart contracts, a.o..

1 month consultation

Especially for businesses and enterprise level clients, we offer a 1 month consultation. Of course, you can extend this period at any time. This is for serious clients considering to invest in Blockchain.

04 Consultation Partners

Partnership matters

When it comes to book a consultation and even pay for it, then you have to put trust. Fake information is all over. As a matter of fact, you deserve trustworthy information only. Advice you can rely on. Therefore, we work with the best in class when it comes to Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrencies or any other market relevant task. That’s why we partner with the following companies:

ibm logo imi business partner

IBM is our Multi-Cloud partner

ethereum imi business partner

Ethereum, for Smart Contracts

hyperion exchange imi business partner

Hyperion to exchange Cryptocurrency

global blockchain network imi business partner

We are a proud GBN member

chain plus imi partner in blockchain consulting

ChainPlus if you need advice in China