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Blockchain Basics – Webinar

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Blockchain Basics is a free Webinar. We explain what blockchain is and how the blockchain works in 2020 and in detail. A great starting point for Beginners to learn blockchain. This is a definitive introduction to blockchain for everyone. In this Webinar we go beyond the Bitcoin. Hence, we look at the history and the future of blockchain, cryptocurrency, tokens, and smart contracts on Ethereum.

Why this Blockchain Basics course and what you will learn

✔ What blockchain is
✔ The different Internet technologies we can use
✔ Why blockchain is THE game changer
✔ The advantages of using blockchain technology

✔ How blockchain works
✔ What we can do with this technology
✔ What Crypto Hashing is and how it works
✔ Answers to most frequently questions


This course covers all of the fundamentals – no prior knowledge is required


To finish this course you’ll need 25 minutes at least


his is THE ULTIMATE FOUNDATIONAL COURSE – Learn the core about blockchain technology. Gain this knowledge to understand the basic transaction rules. Why this is the gamer changer in internet transaction and IoT. Who is behind the blockchain and how to code crypto-hash for blocks. Set yourself up for success and learn the key concepts. The thing you’ll need to thrive know-how about blockchain technology!

Course Format

✔ Video (25m 21s)
✔ Webinar recording

✔ unrestricted lifelong access
✔ Access from mobile/tablet or TV

Course Rating from Students

Blockchain Basics 1 | The Best Free Webinar for Beginners
Webinar Blockchain Basics Cover Image

Blockchain Basics is THE ultimate foundational course to learn everything about this exciting technology.

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Course Mode: Online

Course Workload: PT25M

Start Date: 2023-12-12

End Date: 2024-12-12

Duration: PT25M

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Repeat Frequency: Monthly

Course Type: Free

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