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Blockchain Online Courses
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We provide blockchain online courses for beginners and professionals. Learn blockchain, distributed ledger technology, smart contracts and cryptocurrency from basics to programming. Easy, intuitive, interactive learning guaranteed.





Blockchain Online Courses from imi

The iMi Academy is offering blockchain courses. Learn online from the Swiss experts in blockchain technology. Our courses will help you to learn blockchain the easy way. We cover all related topics, from  distributed ledger technology, tokens and cryptocurrencies.

blockchain online courses for beginners

Blockchain Course for Beginners

02 The Basics

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Blockchain Course for Beginners

In this course we explain in detail:
1) What blockchain is
2) Advantages of the technology
3) How blockchains works
4) What we can do with it
5) We answer FAQ

03 Course Content

Blockchain Courses to become a Pro

Take blockchain courses online and become a professional. Our course content is exceptional. We provide Videos, step by step instructions, tutorials, and guides to teach you blockchain technology the easy way. After each course you may take a quiz and finally you will receive a certificate after passing the exam. Please note: As soon as our courses are available, they will show up below. Come back from time to time and see the progress of our amazing course content.

04 Individual Courses

Get a Blockchain Certification

Learning the blockchain technology is exciting. Even more when you study distributed ledger technology at the iMi Academy. Our diploma courses are easy to follow and therefore, at iMi we offer comprehensive blockchain courses to everyone.

Blockchain is how to do Internet today. Therefore, everybody should learn at least the basics or better go for a certificate.

From enterprises to individuals, everybody will use it and need to know about it. Bitcoin, the major cryptocurrency has already changed the finance sector. Decentralized Applications (DApps)have become mainstream now.

Don’t miss out on taking our blockchain courses. We offer the best blockchain courses available online. Don’t fall for cheap courses at Udemy or Coursera. When it comes to education and know-how, you should go for the best only. Trust in the best experts and the global leaders in blockchain education.

Become a student today and join our campus of thousands of satisfied classmates.

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The 3 Success Factors for
the best Blockchain course


At the iMi Academy we will coach you 1-on-1 if you like. We can also build small groups of students to make your studies more fun.


Learning blockchain is key. Whether online or offline, we update you individually based on your learning curve. Don’t wait! The Future is now.


We can teach you any coding language you like. Our experts have spent decades in C++, Phyton, Javascript, Solidity up to GoLang programming.
05 The Academy

Courses from
the experts

Our blockchain courses are made by real professionals. All courses are hand picked programs from the world’s leading universities. We only summarize the latest findings from global experts. Our online courses include materials from the leading technical universities, such as StandfordOxford, MIT, and the ETH Zurich. All in collaboration with the best.

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From Training to live Webinars

Next to our blockchain online courses we offer 1-on-1 or group training as well. Furthermore, you can watch our live webinars, ask your questions and get them answered. Receive your Blockchain Diploma right now. Choose the means of learning that fits you best:

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Blockchain Training

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Crypto Webinars

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Blockchain Courses