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To ensure a frictionless implementation and deployment of blockchain at your organization, we leverage carefully integrated solutions from various parts of the ecosystem.

basic blockchain info

Blockchain at work

These blocks are linked together with the help of some cryptography magic, and data can be stored on these blocks. The best use of this data in today’s world has been that in transactional data- where all processes are executed in the form of transactions. This explains why the finance and fintech sector is the most influenced by blockchain systems – because anything involving money has an inherent transactional nature attached to it and it is open source.

02 basicS

Blockchain - Catalyst for Industry Revolution 4.0

The blockchain technology – touted as a prime catalyst for the next industrial revolution, is phenomenal.

A good POC (Proof of Concept) and a scalable solution are all you need to leverage this technology and drive growth for your organization.

If you’ve heard the term block chain somewhere in an article, or from your friends, and cannot for the life of you figure out what this means, well, then you’ve landed at the right place! Read on and find out what this wondrous tech is all about.

Blockchain explained

Simply speaking, it is a ledger that is transparent and controlled by a decentralized network. For instance, a set of data released by a centralized organization can be tampered with as per convenience. With this distributed ledger technology at work, this won’t be the case.

Why Blockchain?

Because it embodies one very important function – decentralization. Blockchain based applications do allow individuals or entities to make transactions without the middleman, for example, the bank. First introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, the Bitcoin disrupted the financial institutions, while Ethereum did the same with lawyers and notaries. This solution offers complete security, anonymity, and verifications of transactions, in addition to the basic features that centralized transaction networks offer.

This technology is still an emerging. All of its use cases haven’t been established as commercial solutions to problems, but businesses and firms have already started harnessing its power.

iMi Blockchain is here to help you! Reach out to us and

03 technology

Distributed Ledger Technology in Detail

Distributed ledgers have existed for as long as transactions have existed in the world, which probably spans thousands of years. Ledgers were traditionally kept in paper form, and as the world moved towards scientifically advanced solutions, computerized ledgers took over. Although, computerized ledgers work in the same way paper ledgers do. So, where’s the benefit?

Storing it all on DLT's

With the advent of cryptography, the need for the central authority to verify what’s written in the ledgers has disappeared. The distributed ledger technology stores transactions and their information in multiple places at the same time.

No central authority

There is no central data store to DLTs, hence the name distributed. Blockchain is one of the most popular forms of distributed ledger technology, utilizing cryptography and advanced algorithms to store process, and validate transactions over a network, without the use of a central authority. 

distributed ledger technology explained

Revolutionary. Period.

Faster, safer, and more secure data transactions are enabled through DLT. What’s more, is that scalability is also given a significant boost! You can spread your data throughout the globe, quickly and safely. The decentralized distribution of your data is what makes these shenanigans possible! Thanks, DLT!

Don’t worry if you feel intimidated by diving into a new technology such as DLT or blockchain. At iMi, we are ready to help you with whatever business needs you to want to fulfill using the power of this technology. How do we do it? We harness the six main features:


All network participants have a copy of the ledger, for full transparency and trust.


Participants can choose between pseudonymous or anonymous identity. Flexibility is guaranteed.​​


For reliable tracking and tracing of records, a timestamp is registered with each block in the network.


All network participants agree to the validity of each record. Fraud is almost excluded.


Validated records are irreversible and cannot be changed. Any attempted change would lead to a security alert!​


Finally, all records are individually encrypted and 100% secure. It is very safe and reliable.

04 Expertise

Experts in Distributed Ledger Technology

Finding a good product-market fit and impressive use-cases will help your blockchain strategy to the runway.

But, our expert blockchain consulting and insights will help you to truly take off!

blockchain strategy with proof of concept

No matter where your organization’s blockchain strategy is right now, iMi will join you and start making an impact from the word go!

Years of experience and our industry-leading expertise with DLTs will help you navigate quickly to a successful implementation of the blockchain network.

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05 DLT Cases

Bitcoin Blockchain and other Uses

What are the most powerful blockchain uses others than Bitcoin? Why do we need Distributed Ledger Technology? Where can Blocks help us to overperform?

In particular, a distributed ledger is a database. Once the data is set in a block, it is consensually shared and synchronized across a network. Likewise on multiple sites, institutions or geographies. Each transaction got a public witnesses. Hence, a blockchain is difficult to hack. Nodes (network participants) can access the recordings. Therefore, each node can own an identical copy. Furthermore, only the owner can make changes. Any change is immediately copied to all participants. Most noteworthy applications of today are:


We have already revolutionized the financial sector. Above all, a Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is traded peer-to-peer, without the need of a bank (intermediary). Similarly to the Bitcoin, Ethereum is the global platform for decentralized applications. This allows the financial industry to optimize processes. Sharing data efficiently and securely.


Every type of contract can be executed or enforced without human interaction. No need for a notary due to automated escrow. Furthermore, Tokens and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) helps businesses going public to lower costs. Smart Contracts do replace lawyers.

Track & Trace

Business-class tracking is used for supply chain and logistics. Finally, we create permanent, public, and transparent ledger systems for proof of existence or proof of authenticity. Hence, Sales, Marketing & HR organizations become more effective.

smart blockchains
speed increase
collecting data for blockchain databases
06  intelligence

Smart Blockchains

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how can this technology be applied when it comes to DLT implementation? First of all, AI is the simulation of human intelligence which a computer system can process. Imagine a robot, acquiring information and learning from it. Al system run fully automated. Waymo, Google’s self-driving car or Apple’s SIRI are only two examples of artificial intelligence (AI) application. Google’s search algorithm or IBM’s Watson to autonomous weapons showing that this technology is improving very fast

Furthermore, scientists are already developing so called Strong AI, better known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) a system with generalized human cognitive abilities.

If there is an unfamiliar task, a strong AGI systems will find a solution itself. Hence, we can say that artificial intelligence systems will outperform a human being soon and nearly at every cognitive task you can imagine.

Now we know the effectiveness of AI. So how can this technology be applied together with block chain applications? By combining them we upgrade everything! Data collection, analyzation and distribution become fully automated. Just imagine the impact on food manufacturing, to supply chain and food logistics. Even more for healthcare record sharing or media royalties.

07 premium services

Our Blockchain Services

Are you looking for the right services? We create blocks and put them on the chain for you. Certainly we make the implementation of distributed ledger technology fast, secure and reliable and our expertise is extremely comprehensive. In particular,

we are experts in the technology sector, but above all, we ensure client centric consulting & support. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of your industry.

From Financial Sectors, Healthcare, the Public Sector, Governments, Charities & NGO’s, Real Estate, to Industrial Businesses and all the way down to Supply Chain & Logistics. Allocated and dedicated teams are built around your industry needs.

Accordingly, our developers have top-notch experience in distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts, as well as cryptocurrencies. Finally, we offer a whole range of services you need to get things done. As a global player, based in Switzerland, we guarantee for highest quality and fast implementation. Our Service Level is outstanding. Therefore, you should check our offer.

imi blockchain consulting services

The 3 Key Factors For Successful
Blockchain Services


First of all we analyze your current situation, future needs and define a clear strategy. Then it’s time to design your blockchain process architecture. Industry based advice is our key factor for your success.​


Because education is key, we also offer online and offline trainings. Book a seat at one of our public events or invite us to your company for one on one courses. Also attend to our regular webinars for more blockchain info.


Our international development team takes care of programming and maintenance. In other words: C++, Phyton, Javascript, Solidity or GoLang, are the languages we speak. Even website applications we can code.
08 learning

Blockchain Info - all you need to know

For the latest blockchain info you came to the right place too. Our blog is full of interesting articles about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin news, proof-of-work and future block chain trends.

Blockchain Info Explorer

For the latest bitcoin info you can relay on our latest posts below. We inform you about transaction status, compare and review block chain wallets, and finally, you can download the latest app and the best wallet directly from our website.

Blockchain Wikipedia

To inform you about the revolutionary technology, you can always check our wikipedia page. There we publish the latest developments and cryptographic codes. Wikipedia is for us a great place to share our knowledge with everyone.

Furthermore, you should explore our online courses. In collaboration with leading universities worldwide, we have put together ultimate training sessions. Learn from the best within our community.

Blockchain Wiki How

From Princeton University professors, MIT lecturers, as well as from Oxford and the ETH in Zurich, we’ve collected the best educational programs. We offer trainings about block chain basics. Are you ready to become a Crypto pro? We provide feature rich webinars for beginners and advanced nerds. Furthermore, our wiki how will teach you how to develop distributed ledger technology, smart contracts or ICO’s. Finally,


Courses for Businesses &

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Meet Our Partners

Meet our major partners. Above all, we only work with the best in class. In detail, we cooperate with the best technical universities. Furthermore we partner with the most important associations. In addition, we attend all global summits when it comes to Block Chain Technology. As a result, we are proud to partner with the following companies:

eth zurich logo
ETH, the top notch technical University of Zurich is offering ground-breaking research.
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The University of Zurich is one of the leading research universities in Europe.
INATBA is the International Association for Trusted Applications.
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The International Token Standardization Association for the global token economy.
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We follow the Global Digital Finance Code of Conduct for the cryptoasset market.