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There are many companies leveraging blockchain technology today. While the entire ecosystem is relatively new, the impact of this technology is cutting across all spheres of human engagement. Most of the ways to bring blockchain solutions for enterprise integration is through blockchain development solutions. Here is one of the major aspects in which iMi is helping to change the world.

The majority of blockchain coding done by blockchain developers today is targeted at changing a redundant aspect in various industries. With the expertise we can guarantee at iMi, we can help you build a blockchain application that will give you a competitive edge in your core sphere. 

As one of the first adopters of blockchain and the wide range of innovations that surround the technology, we believe we understand the industry enough to help you leverage its offerings to propel your business in readiness for a seismic shift being ushered in by Web3.0. As one of the leading blockchain development companies around, your firm can get assurances for data security, infallible records, and privacy for your customers through us.









blockchain development services


Blockchain development services our company provides

At iMi, we offer top-notch blockchain development services. Drawing on our broad experience in the blockchain space, we can deliver a distinctly tailored service to each of our clients.

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With our iMi crypto consulting services, experts can help you design and deliver the following blockchain application development to suit your business models:

1. Smart Contract Development on blockchain networks

2. STO and ICO Consulting/ Development

3. Cryptocurrency or Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

4. Internet of Things (IOT) applications on a public or private blockchain

5. Proof-of-Concept Design

6. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

7. Decentralized Application (DApp) Development

8. Blockchain App Development or Android and iOS Mobile app creation

9. Creation of Tokenized Algorithms with Workflow Automation, and;

10. Other Blockchain Software Development, on Corda, Hyperledger, or API integration


The list is non-exhaustive. The bottom line is, at iMi, we work closely with our clients to identify what they need to get done, and we provide the automation tools necessary to make it come alive. Now let us take a sneak peek into each of these offerings.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts can be a way to automate agreements between one or more parties. At iMi, our development team can help you design and implement a smart contract for your blockchain project. We would expose you to the features of the popular blockchains for smart contract creation such as Ethereum, Tezos, Polkadot, and more and let you choose which you’d prefer for your project. With knowledge on your hands, we deliver to you a smart contract with defined functionalities.

1 Smart Contract development service
2 sto ico consulting development

STO and ICO Consulting/Development

As the world goes digital, more businesses are creating virtual assets to bolster their engagement in the broader financial market. Security Token Offerings (STOs) and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are becoming commonplace today. We at iMi can guide you on the best path that can guarantee success if or when you decide to issue either of these offerings. Our experts do provide use cases for startups or crowdfunding projects. We can help you design an STO or ICO issuing system without hassles.

Cryptocurrency Development  

At iMi, we can help you create a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. Our experts are vast in coding using different programming languages including Solidity, Rust, C++, and more. You can ride on our expertise and experience to create a digital asset for your business, community, or even trading platform.

3 Cryptocurrency development
4 Cryptocurrency exchange platform development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

There are numerous digital currencies out there today. At iMi, we offer cryptocurrency exchange creation as one of our blockchain development services. We can help you design and create a trading platform so you can help contribute to the growing marketplace involving digital currencies.

Proof-of-Concept Design

At iMi, we can help you design a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) for your project. A PoC development is the creation of a business model or concept. Then you analyze the model and implement it as a prototype. PoC works for different businesses including among blockchain firms. We can deliver to you a viable PoC with tokenized authentication, all you have to do is reach out to us.

5 proof of concept design
6 cryptocurrencycwallet development

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development 

Wallets are an integral part of the digital currency world. Crypto investors need a cryptocurrency wallet to hold their digital assets. Exchanges need wallet integration to operate. As experts in the field, we can help design and develop a state-of-the-art wallet with full proof security and functionality.

Decentralized Application (DApp) Development

Our expertise can also be showcased in the design, development, and management of a multi-functional decentralized application. With iMi, you can get your hands on a DApp, and get into the bigger world of decentralized finance. This can be done permissioned or permissionless.

7 decentralized application dapp development
8 android ios mobile app creation

Android and iOS Mobile app creation

The world is now more mobile than we know and most software solutions eventually find their way to mobile phones. Whether you have a blockchain or distributed ledger product, or not, we can help you create an Android or iOS mobile version to boost your business or project.

Workflow Automation

Blockchain technology has different applications that are being rolled out today. In fact, if your business operation involves many complex tasks, our blockchain experts can help streamline these tasks. Reach out to us to transform your business process using blockchain technology.

9 workflow automation

Just as businesses differ, so also are the needs of a business. With these differences, however, there is a common denominator with all, and that is to use little resources to maximize success. Blockchain technology can contribute to this success. All you have to do is pitch your tent with the experts that know their game.

The perfect blockchain development recipe

No matter the industry you operate in, from real estate, e-commerce, fintech to healthcare, or even supply chain management, we at iMi have the perfect blockchain development recipe to meet your needs. 

Our custom blockchain development services have been deployed to various customers around the world and their testimonials showcase their words are as good as ours.

It was great working with you guys. I was more than impressed with your development skills. The team was very supportive from the very beginning.

Li Chow

Li Chow Founder

Both thumbs up! You guys completely rock. I’m so glad we have you on our team. You made Blockchain development simple. Please keep the great work up!

sarah walker

Sarah Walker Head ICT

All I can say is “WOW”. I never thought it would be this simple to implement Blockchain for our supply chain. If I could, I would recommend you 200%.

peter miller

Peter Miller Head Operations

04 strong partnership

Companies we partner with

The blockchain technology ecosystem and the underlying industry thrives with partnerships. As a company with a full focus on harnessing this tech, we believe we should have a broad working relationship with people in various industries. This helps us deliver the right solutions to the right clients, no matter the industry they operate in. Some of the partners we work with include:

Oracle Hyperion 

This is an offshoot of the cloud services giant Oracle. iMi leverages Oracle Hyperion’s expertise in developing budgeting and forecasting solutions to bring tailored solutions to our clients in various industries.

oracle-hyperion logo


Chainplus is a Chinese marketing agency with a growing interest in the blockchain ecosystem. Chainplus helps bolster iMi’s consulting strength for all of our clients.

chain plus imi partner in blockchain consulting


ConsenSys is a leading blockchain development and consulting company. We work with ConsenSys to bring enterprise blockchain solutions to the mainstream.


ETH Zurich 

ETH Zurich is one of our core partners who through their Blockchain Initiative, we help to deliver state-of-the-art blockchain solutions design to businesses around the world.

eth zurich logo
iMi company offering comprehensive blockchain development services


What separates us from other blockchain development companies?

As one of the numerous blockchain development companies serving the growing list of clients today, we have notably developed a culture of excellence and service to differentiate us from the pack. If you decide to pitch tent with us, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

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  • A unique service offering as we believe we are one of a kind in keeping you covered from strategy to rolling out of dApps
  • Unbridled exposure to iMi Blockchain, a leading service company, with capabilities in consulting, learning, and coding
  • Customer-centric services to build practicable business solutions
  • We serve as the bridge between our clients and technologists, transferring know-how that is simply understandable
  • And in all, we enhance clients’ IT security, improve traceability, increase efficiency and reduce costs

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Are you a business owner interested in creating or integrating blockchain platforms as shown above? Do you wish to create a business leveraging blockchain technology? Next to our consulting and learning services, we will help you with blockchain implementation and blockchain rollout. Finally, we’re offering blockchain maintenance as well.

You can reach out to us at iMi and we can help you refine your ideas, create a model, develop a PoC and help launch the right blockchain solution that meets your needs, and goals. To reach out, click the link below:

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