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Blockchain Maintenance

Blockchain maintenance is key after the rollout of blockchain applications. It is imperative to maintain and improve blocks, nods, servers and network connections.

Although, distributed ledgers normally run without problems, blockchain maintenance is mandatory.

Similarly to any other, maintaining distributed ledgers it is important. Meanwhile, we can implement updates as well. Blockchain coding requires not just programming know-how. Before you even think of implementing one, you should pass one of our blockchain education programs. Especially, when we talk about the need to scale servers, nodes, and databases. Sure, maintenance can also mean industrial applications for aviation or logistics. Below we will explain, but before you get confused please talk to us about our blockchain consulting service. Granted that we keep your individual blockchain application maintained in any way.

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Maintaining Blockchain Applications

To illustrate, how blockchain application maintenance is handled, we first need to summarize the application architecture. Well structured blockchain technology is key. Often people are confused. Hence, we always simplify these things.

Consequently, we introduce you to this game changing technology through sophisticated offline and online courses.

DLT applications are usually flawless and error-free. Still, we have to monitor hacker attacks or changes within the network. Thus we guarantee 99,99 % uptime all around the codes lifetime.

First of all, let’s have a look at needed resources for the distributed ledger technology. Secondly, we can define the blockchains, applications and the to do’s as follows:

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To start, we must ensure that servers in the network run smoothly at any time. Servers are key factors when it comes to blockchain application maintenance.


The protocol operates on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The architecture consists nodes. We need to take care of devices very regularly.


Files are stored in databases. These storages are important and therefore we have to maintain applications carefully.


Blocks are like one-time shots. As they can never be changed after distribution, there is nothing to do from our side.


Most important are miners. Mining is the mechanism of decentralized security. Miners are maintained externally by third parties.


We can ensure to update any type of security patch on every software also well as on hardware. 99,99 % uptime guaranteed.

04 The Industry

Optimize the Maintenance Industry

The good news is, that distributed ledger technology is a big enabler for the Maintenance Industry itself.

The blockchain is already changing Aircraft repairing businesses in different ways.

Furthermore, we reach great optimizations in Product Service & Logistics as a new filed with powerful applications. Last but not least, blocks are crucial when it comes to IoT (Internet-of-Things). Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI), can guarantee your growth.

In this world of vast technology, we can create valuable applications. In short, we can think of increased cognition, deep analytics or advanced automation. In other words, by 2030, blockchain will be found everywhere and in all industries, where Maintenance & Repairing is just one out of many.

Above all, we at iMi do build industry teams with different skills. Most of all, we can guarantee a smooth planning, rollout and maintenance of your project. As a matter of fact, our experts know your market. To summarize, our teams can build cost-effective blockchain applications for Maintenance & Repairing companies such as:


Rather you’re in equipment or in a production line. We can help you grow and become faster.


We can write programs to reduce risks.


Our technologies make your business much faster and way more efficient. We call it remote distributed ledgers.


Together with Artificial Intelligence software, blocks can simplify the complexity of your business.

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Rather you are a beginner or an advanced professional in distributed ledger technology, we’ve got you covered. Learn everything about the blockchain. From basics to programming. Maintain your brain with further education. This technology is the game changer. The biggest revolution after the internet. Therefore, it is crucial to learn about DLT. Join our academy today. Take a seat in 1:1 classes, watch webinars and tutorials, or get a certified programmer through our online courses. Don’t wait and start today!

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05 Alliances

Our Alliance

Meet our partners. Universities we collaborate with. Above all, we only work with the best. In fact, we have global alliances with the top technical universities around the globe. Furthermore, we attend important summits when it comes to business exchange. Finally, we combine all the latest developments of all our alliance partners so that our courses are daily updated.

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