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Blockchain training
for Crypto Beginner's and Pros

Get blockchain training from the Swiss experts in distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency.



1:1 coaching


The best blockchain training

Blockchain training matters. Over 70 percent of the top global companies invest in blockchain technology. Losing touch with the best is dangerous. It jeopardizes your competitiveness and that of your company. This is why you should get only the best blockchain training. 

Therefore, it is very important to up-skill yourself with the best blockchain training available. Even more crucial, you learn blockchain from the experts, and from multiple independent sources. You can trust us for state-of-the-art training.

blockchain training

The blockchain training institute

Finding the right blockchain training institute is not easy. Some big names offer a training and sell their own solution at the same time. Therefore caution is advised. Blockchain is open source and cryptocurrency makes you independent too. Hence, we are proud that we can find the best individual solution for your needs.

The iMi Academy is one of the world’s leading blockchain training institute. Competent, trustworthy, and independent. So, are you ready to get the best blockchain and cryptocurrency training?

Pick one from the 6 different training options below. Practical training for everyone and sure there is the right one for you and your company:


Free Initial Consultation

Book a 1-1 training with an expert. Online or offline training. Start your journey with a free 30 minutes initial meeting. Together we will define your objectives and needs.

  • Where to use Blockchain
  • How to trade Cryptocurrency
  • How to create Smart Contracts
  • How to launch an ICO
  • Any other topic you would like


For Groups of 2 to 4

Book a group training for you and your team. Online or offline training available. Let’s start with an initial free 30 minute talk. Then we can discuss your objectives and needs.

  • Blockchain basics
  • Blockchain use cases
  • Decentralized Applications (DApps)
  • Cryptocurrency implementation
  • Any topic of your choice
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency training

Bitcoin Special

Learn how to trade Bitcoin (BTC). We teach you how to buy and sell Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, as well as CFD’s. From basics up to how professionals make money with cryptocurrency exchange.
Start today!


Company training

Book a training to up-skill your whole company. Our enterprise program is comprehensive. We can go all the way to blockchain process architecture, and programming. Let’s discuss your business case.

  • Blockchain enterprise solutions
  • Individual Blockchain uses
  • Decentralized Applications
  • Centralized Applications
  • Any topic you need


Come and learn

About 6 times a year we are on tour. For a whole day we teach the public about blockchain technology and crypto applications. Register for our next public event. Come and take a seat and let’s answer your questions.

  • Blockchain developments
  • The Cryptocurrency Effect
  • Current Cases and Applications
  • The ICO disaster
  • Blockchain becomes Mainstream
international keynote speaker blockchain technology

Keynote Special

Show your audience how innovative you are. Set an example at your next event. Hire one of our international experts for a public keynote speech. Let’s enchant your guest with Blockchain Technology. We will make it informative and fun as well.
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Client Testimonials

If you are still undecided to book a training with us, then convince yourself of customer opinions.

We've invited the guys from iMi to hold a few training sessions at our headquarters in Dublin. What I loved most was that they are open minded, independent, and very practical. The whole team was elated.
connor mccarthy
Connor Mc Carthy
Marcel came for a keynote speech. This was an incredibly good idea. On one hand we were able to position ourselves as an innovative company and on the other hand our guests were well entertained. Thanks again.
linda williams
Linda Williams
I always wanted to learn how to trade Bitcoin and make money with it. Finally, I met Marcel from iMi Blockchain. Within a couple of hours over an online training, I was able to start trading. Very easy to understand and follow.
mike patel
Mike Patel
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Our course materials are based on successful training from the world’s leading universities. In our documents we summarize the best findings of various experts. Our lecturers and speakers always have a blockchain education from a leading university, such as Oxford, MIT, or ETH Zurich. We collaborate with the best in class only. Above all, we are proud to be among the very few independent experts in the world who are not bound to a single system or source. That’s exactly what makes the difference at the iMi Academy a state-of-the-art blockchain training institute.

learn blockchain from the best universities

Blockchain Training online

Take a blockchain training online if you live to far away from Switzerland. Next to our already mentioned group or 1-1 training we also offer Webinars or online Diploma Courses. Choose a blockchain training online that suits your needs the best:

blockchain training
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Blockchain Training

blockchain webinars

Online Webinars

Group 105

Diploma Courses