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The best Blockchain Training & Courses with Certification

Blockchain technology is one of the most disruptive innovations in our world today. Many corporations including IBM, Walmart, Visa, Mastercard, and others are exploring this technology to boost their processes and offer new products. To get a headstart with this new technology, many professionals who want to gain the right knowledge about this peer network need to take blockchain training.

Getting the right blockchain course and an organization that offers a usable blockchain certification can be difficult. This is because the technology is new and only a few have the expertise to deliver the right courses. This is where iMi Academy comes in. We offer the best blockchain courses and deliver the relevant training to help everyone successfully undertake a blockchain project, or other personal goals you may have.

Our platform has rich resources. We teach in simple words and deliver combined lessons from the best universities world-wide. Impartial teaching material only, without sponsored content, that can help you explore the basics of blockchain while gaining exposure to the wide array of blockchain solutions in use today.

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Live blockchain technology training webinars

Next to our blockchain online courses, we offer live webinars where you can ask your questions and get them answered right away. Book your place on a blockchain webinar now.

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What We Offer?

With our courses that are administered by industry experts, you will not only gain the right skill set but also gain exposure in implementing your acquired knowledge to achieve your goals.

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The Best Blockchain Courses Hands On

As part of our blockchain technology services, we provide in-person and online blockchain courses for beginners and professionals. Our blockchain technology courses cover everything about distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, or cryptocurrency from basics to programming. Easy, intuitive, interactive learning guaranteed.

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Why we believe we have the best blockchain training

At iMi, our blockchain developer training and blockchain technology training is facilitated by experts with a wealth of experience. The training is structured to equip you with the right knowledge to thrive in today’s dynamic world of blockchain. 

The training modules used at iMi are state-of-the-art. Through our blockchain technology training, you will get customized training lessons from the top Swiss crypto consulting firm. The training materials are compiled from independent sources and the best universities only.

Blockchain Certification Courses

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Full Blockchain Certification Courses

Here at iMi Academy, you can obtain the best blockchain certification in many ways. We make learning blockchain easy. You may choose to start out with the free courses to see if our program is right for you. Then you can go on to take our Diploma courses to earn a recognized blockchain certificate.

When you enroll at iMi Academy to obtain your blockchain certifications, we will ensure we give you value with flexibility.

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Try a Free Blockchain Course to get Started

You can get started today by taking our free course on blockchain today. You can access a free cryptocurrency webinar on our platform with detailed explanations on Bitcoin and its use cases.

There are also free courses available on digital currencies, cryptography, blockchain applications, and more. With these, you can get a good knowledge of what the entire ecosystem is all about.

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The Ways We offer Blockchain Training

Getting the right blockchain certification through iMi Academy will make you understand that blockchain technology is not a mystery. As a nascent technology, many do not yet understand what cryptography is. A lot of people do not also know the difference between DAG and DLT. We will explain it all to you.

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Personal or Group Blockchain Training Online or in Person


Free Initial Consultation

Book a 1-1 training with an expert. Online or offline training. Start your journey with a free 30 minutes initial meeting. Together we will define your objectives and needs.

  • Where to use Blockchain

  • How to trade Cryptocurrency

  • How to create Smart Contracts

  • How to launch an ICO

  • Any other topic you would like



Groups of 2 to 4

Book a group training for you and your team. Online or offline training available. Let’s start with an initial free 30-minute talk. Then we can discuss your objectives and needs.

  • Blockchain basics

  • Blockchain use cases

  • Decentralized Applications (DApps)

  • Cryptocurrency implementation

  • Any topic of your choice

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency training


Learn how to trade Bitcoin (BTC). We teach you how to buy and sell Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, as well as CFD’s. From basics up to how professionals make money with a cryptocurrency exchange.
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Enterprise Blockchain Developer Training & Live Courses on Blockchain


Company training

Book training to up-skill your whole company. Our enterprise program is comprehensive. We can go all the way to blockchain process architecture, and programming. Let’s discuss your business case.

  • Blockchain enterprise solutions

  • Individual Blockchain uses

  • Decentralized Applications

  • Centralized Applications

  • Any topic you need



Come and learn

About 6 times a year we are on tour. For a whole day, we teach the public about blockchain technology and crypto applications. Register for our next public event. Come and take a seat and let’s answer your questions.

  • Blockchain developments

  • The Cryptocurrency Effect

  • Current Cases and Applications

  • The ICO disaster

  • Blockchain becomes Mainstream

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Show your audience how innovative you are. Set an example at your next event. Hire one of our international experts for a public keynote speech. Let’s enchant your guest with Blockchain Technology. We will make it informative AND fun.
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Blockchain Certification from the Experts

Our blockchain certification training materials are created by real professionals. All courses are hand-picked programs from the world’s leading universities. We only summarize the latest findings from global experts. Our online blockchain courses include materials from the leading technical universities, such as Stanford, Berkeley, OxfordMIT, or ETH Zurich. All in collaboration with the best blockchain technology certification leaders.

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Blockchain Technology is no longer a Mystery

With our courses that are administered by industry experts,  you will not only gain the right skill set but also gain exposure in implementing your acquired knowledge to achieve your goals. Compared to Coursera, EDX, Udemy, or any other courses, you will learn everything on the same platform. From javascript to hyperledger fabric, and from truffle to metamask trading.

Get your blockchain certificate now!

If you are still undecided, then convince yourself of customer opinions.

We’ve invited the guys from iMi to hold a few training sessions at our headquarters in Dublin. What I loved most was that they are open minded, independent, and very practical. The whole team was elated.

connor mccarthy

Connor Mc Carthy Dublin

Marcel came for a keynote speech. This was an incredibly good idea. On one hand we were able to position ourselves as an innovative company and on the other hand our guests were well entertained. Thanks again.

linda williams

Linda Williams London

I always wanted to learn how to trade Bitcoin and make money with it. Finally, I met Marcel from iMi Blockchain. Within a couple of hours over an online training, I was able to start trading. Very easy to understand and follow.

mike patel

Mike Patel Zurich


Is the blockchain certification free?

No, but affordable. High-quality and certified courses are very difficult to produce. Therefore, you will not find a free course with certification, unless the certificate is offered with no much value.

How long do the online courses and webinars take?

The duration depends on the topic. Introduction webinars and tutorials covering the basics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, algorithms, and more are usually about 15 to 30 minutes long. In-depth online courses with certification will take you longer. For committed applicants, some of our certificates can be obtained within 2 to 3 weeks. Some other courses can take up to 6 weeks to finalize.

I have no knowledge of crypto and blockchain, how do I get started?

There are no prerequisites to learn blockchain with us. However, to get started, you can read our blog and watch our free webinars. Through the blog, you will get a good grasp of various subjects and blockchain concepts, and cryptocurrencies. These include but not limited to blockchain programming, blockchain fundamentals, hyperledger, use cases of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and so on. As a second step, you can proceed to enroll in our online courses. Finally, to answer all the questions you may have on a 1 on 1 basis, you can book a consultation with one of our experts.

I have taken the free online courses, do I need to book for further consultations?

Thanks for enrolling in our courses. There is no need to book a consultation if you believe your initial goals are already met. In case you need further information or if you have a project to get done, then we’re always happy to help you in any case. Therefore, you can book our consulting services at any time.

I do not like webinars, can I learn about blockchain from your blog?

Absolutely! Our blog provides information and resources about all major topics. By reading our blockchain or crypto-related articles with emphasis on how blockchain is utilized in business applications and more, you can already learn a lot.

Which certification is best for Blockchain and Crypto?

The best certification depends on your needs now, and your goals for the future. You can become a certified blockchain professional in enterprise blockchain, certified crypto professional, or a certified blockchain programmer. While professional courses are business and process-architecture-related, you can learn computer science, coding, and developing blockchain applications and their applications in the real world in separate courses.

Is a blockchain certification worth it?

If you are serious about your aspirations to become a blockchain professional, then a certification becomes an important requirement. Your future employer wants to make sure you know what we are talking about before they make the decision to hire you. A blockchain certification is an investment for your career and your future.

Is Blockchain difficult to learn?

Blockchain itself is not difficult to learn. While this may not be a generally obtainable fact, at the iMi Academy, we are confident you will learn it the easy way. There are aspects of the learning curve, including those involving python, solidity, front-end design, and other programming languages that may be advanced for some beginners. If your end goal is to own a professional certificate in blockchain programming which requires those intricate learning, iMi blockchain has a simplified process to help you achieve your goals. 

We are the bridge between you and technologists, transferring the know-how that is simply understandable.

Why should I learn blockchain at the iMi Academy?

The iMi Academy is unique in 3 ways; First, we combine learning material from all major universities, such as MIT, the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Singapore, Beijing, ETH Zurich, and others; additionally, we translate scientific knowledge for dummies; and we filter out sponsored content to improve the overall uniqueness of our courses. We believe in independent open-source blockchains, where there is no need for any third party involved. These tenets and knowledge will be transferred to you to help you succeed in whatever specialization you choose.

What industry can I apply the knowledge I gained through the courses?

The beauty of blockchain technology and distributed ledgers is that they can be applied in every industry. Professionals from all walks of life including healthcare, supply chain management, financial services, and more can enroll at iMi Academy. Our course covers how blockchain platforms function and we will expose you to how you can optimize your enrollment through the job application.