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The iMi newsletter is one of the very few e-mail lists I’m still subscribed to, and also reading. Every issue contains something new, interesting, useful or helpful. I can really recommend to sign up for it.

Li Chow

Li Chow Founder

There are a few people who know about blockchain technology, but iMi probably beats them all. Whenever I want to know something about it, they have the right answer. I love they simple explanations.

sarah walker

Sarah Walker Head ICT

If I’m looking for blockchain information, especially if it relates to cryptocurrencies, the first place I check is the iMi website. Masters of neutral consulting, and blockchain coding nerds.

peter miller

Peter Miller Head Operations

As they freely share their combined knowledge in this newsletter, we all win. I love this win-win situation very much. We’ve really made huge steps ahead in implementing blockchain technology, thanks to the iMi newsletter.

marc hunziker group

Marc Huniker CEO

This newsletter has introduced me to some of the most useful use cases for blockchain technology. Tips and hacks I’ve never came across before. We’ve already implemented a bunch of applications but this is an enabler to improve usability.


Jürgen Knopp Entrepreneur

iMi are Masters in developing smart contracts and tokens. Within their newsletter, they share tips, insights and crucial advice that really helps. Now we can make the most out of our applications, as well as we can train our stuff on a weekly base.

guido blaser group

Guido Blaser Owner


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