01 introduction

Leverage Blockchain with
bleeding-edge applications.

Crafted by the leaders in Distributed Ledger Technology at iMi.

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02 comprehensive consulting

Full-Suite Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain consulting experts at iMi craft tailored solutions to suit your business case and add the transformational value to your organization. Identifying your goals is the first step to helping you achieve them.

At iMi, that’s the first agenda with every client.

With years of experience and commendable projects under their belt, our blockchain consultants ensure absolute success for your organization.

iMi has cross-function teams of blockchain consulting experts present in more than 20 countries. Just the edge your business needs over the competition.

Let’s find the perfect use-case for your business together, and let our experts take care of the frictionless implementation.

03 Enterprise grade

Realizing the full value of blockchain

At iMi, we believe every blockchain consulting journey must be tailored differently. But a foolproof process needs to be common among all of them.

To make sure we deliver nothing less than enterprise-grade and industry-leading solutions to our customers, each and every one of our members work hard to deliver incredible reliability.

Why work with us?

Blockchain consultants at iMi have hands-on training in working with rapid blockchain development environments. This helps us to ensure a refined blockchain solution for your business.

Whether your project needs custom code or a third-party integration to be successful, iMi makes it all happen!

From creating the first draft of your POC (proof of concept) and building an MVP (minimum viable product) to getting the architecture ready for your platform, iMi follows the industry-leading practices every step of the way.

enterprise blockchain consulting and deployment services

Putting it all together


We listen. And understand what you need. This is the very first step in our successful framework.

Rapid Prototyping
with DLTs

Once the goals are clear, we start working in DLT environments to built prototypes for the decided POC.


Following an iterative procedure, solution design is created that meets your goals and expectations.

Build &

With the solution design ready, the next step is to build and implement the solution and get started with testing.

Rollout the

Similarly to the consulting part, we make sure that process-owners are well trained for a smooth implementation.


Once the blockchain solution is deployed, iMi offers proactive maintenance to all our customers.
04 Business Cases

Streamlining Business with DLT

The disruptive and transformational potential of blockchain technology is news to no one in the industry. Touted as the enabler of the next industrial revolution, blockchain is a top priority for every key decision-maker in organizations across the world.

Blockchain is regarded as the tool for C-level executives to deal with chronic industrial issues like provenance, traceability, and immutability.


The X-Factor in Blockchain

Enabling Immutability

With blockchain, everyone involved in a transaction can rest assured about their data being safe of tampering.

the 3 x-factors in blockchain

Automated Scrutiny

The decentralized structure of blockchain ensures every participant has a copy. Hence ensuring no bad players can tamper with it.

Crytographic Security

Every transaction between two peers on a blockchain needs cryptographic keys. Making the security near water-tight.


Customers love our Blockchain Consulting Service

I just wanted to let you know that it’s been great working with you. We were impressed, how quickly you understood our business case. Now we have a clear blockchain strategy. Thanks!
marc hunziker group
Marc Huniker
I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad we decided to work with you. You made Blockchain planning simple. Keep up the great work!
Jürgen Knopp
You made it so simple to have blockchain explained. We've saved a lot of money and the process is easy to handle. Thank you so much for a job well done. We can recommend you 100%.
guido blaser group
Guido Blaser
05 Knowledge transfer

we train your team

To make the best use of this technology, it is important for various cross-functional team members at your organization to understand how it all works.

In the long run, only team members who can comprehend the nitty-gritty involved in blockchain implementation can drive innovation in the future. Your organization needs to prepare them for the future.

With our 1:1 training sessions and group training for decision-makers at your organization, you can rest assured about having blockchain experts in your own house.

iMi Blockchain consulting also offers end-to-end training for your team members in or order to:

  • Understanding the architecture of dApps
  • Crafting POCs for a given business case
  • Understanding security considerations
  • Boosting thought-leadership in industry

Our team members have curated the teaching material over the years. Constantly upgraded and revamped based on their learnings from working with prestigious organizations and reputed institutions.

Prepare your Organization
for the Future

Get your team members to adapt. Upskill them with teaching insights crafted by using the scientific material
of premier institutes such as MIT, Oxford, and the National Taiwan University.

blockchain training
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Blockchain Classes

blockchain webinars

Live Webinars

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Online Courses

06 Partnership

Our Block chain Partners

Meet our block chain technology partners. Above all, we only work with the best in class. In detail, we cooperate with the best companies. Furthermore, we cooperate with the most important associations. In addition, we attend all global summits when it comes to latest technology updates. As a result, we are proud independent partner of:

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We use IBM Multicloud Platform
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Ethereum, nodes Swiss made
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Hyperion crypto exchange
global blockchain network imi business partner
We are a GBN member
chain plus imi partner in blockchain consulting

ChainPlus #1 Chinese Agency