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Welcome Bug Hunters, to the iMi Blockchain Bug Bounty Program. Help us to make our services safe and earn rewards. We reward you for helping us improve and grow. At iMiBlockchain.com, we value our community’s support and contributions, and we want to show our appreciation by offering exciting rewards for your efforts.

What is this Bug Bounty Program about?

Our Program is a way for you to get involved in our community and contribute to the success of our platform. We believe that our users are the best advocates and experts, and we want to harness your knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm to make iMiBlockchain.com even better.

Make Impactful Exploits and get Monetary Reward

No matter if you are a business owner, freelance security researcher, or a hackathon beginner. Simply check our processes, our desktop applications, Mobile Devices, and Mobile Apps. If you find a bug like:

  • potential security issue
  • security concerns
  • security vulnerability
  • error on a public API
  • denial of service issue
  • or any errors and typos

Then contact us immediately and send us your vulnerability report with identified or potential vulnerabilities. Join us in our approach to security and make this a better place. Find security bugs, send us a security report, and win.

Also check for user profiles, malicious users, or insecure session management. We’d like to be 100% safe also regarding sensitive data disclosure. Therefore, insecure storage from the data of millions of people using iMiBlockchain.com, this private bug-bounty program will give you privilege separation and proof of concept for us.

How Does the Bug Bounty Program Work?

1. Browse Our List of Known Issues:

We regularly update our Bug Bounty List with tasks and projects we need help with. These can range from finding and reporting bugs to creating content, sharing feedback, and more. Check the list regularly to find opportunities that match your skills and interests.

2. Get to Work:

Once you’ve identified a bug that piques your interest, start working on it. Follow the specific guidelines and requirements provided for each task. If you have any questions or need clarifications, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support security team or the designated contact person for that bounty. We daily track and trace any issue over our service cloud platform.

3. Submit Your Contribution:

After completing the task or project, please submit your work on our Github issue page following the instructions provided. Our bug report is public Make sure to include all necessary details and documentation. Our team will review your submission and provide feedback if necessary. Do NOT submit any security issues on GitHub. If you find a security issue, then please send it to our dedicated security team. And please, don’t forget to always enclose your respective Email addresses.

4. Earn Rewards:

If your contribution meets our criteria and is accepted, you’ll be eligible for rewards. Rewards can vary based on the complexity and impact of the task. They may include cash incentives, merchandise, special recognition, or other exciting perks. You are also welcome to tell us what you expect for your contribution when you submit a bug.

Why Join Our Reward Program?

Make an Impact: Your contributions directly influence the improvement and growth of iMiBlockchain.com, making it a better place for everyone.

Earn Rewards: We believe in rewarding your time and effort generously. You can earn valuable rewards for your contributions in real-time.

Learn and Grow: Participating in our reward program is a fantastic way to learn new skills, gain experience, and enhance your portfolio.

Join a Community: Become part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for iMiBlockchain.com.

Ready to Get Started?

Joining our Program is easy and there are no privacy violations at all. Our Race conditions are straight forward and we handle all relevant contributors accordingly. Simply join us on GitHub, if you haven’t already, and start exploring our Bounty List today. And remember to send us Security issues only via our contact form. Your contributions are vital to our success and customer inquiries. We look forward to working with you to make iMiBlockchain.com even better.

Thank you for being an essential part of our community, and we can’t wait to see the amazing contributions you’ll make through our Reward Program. Together, we’ll make iMiBlockchain.com thrive!

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15:00 02 Apr 24
Claudia HumbelClaudia Humbel
08:47 20 Mar 24
Serious, TOP advice, professional and personable..!
18:17 14 Feb 24
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08:41 08 Feb 24
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Love RainLove Rain
12:17 27 Jan 24
Following several good investments with a Crypto trading broker company, I ended up My savings funds stolen by an online fake broker. All thanks to macwiki @ proton. me
Alf ReichleAlf Reichle
09:04 18 Jan 24
I wanted to minimize my account to leave €250 in the account and have the rest transferred to my private account. When I finally have this available, I can rate it for you.
Felah VoltaireFelah Voltaire
07:57 03 Nov 23
Very professional
Lovelu MolloLovelu Mollo
21:03 01 Nov 23
Wealth UdenyiWealth Udenyi
00:06 30 Oct 23
Moritz C. H. MünchMoritz C. H. Münch
09:01 24 Aug 23
you should definitely deal with it.Blockchain is the future!
Sa WaSa Wa
19:53 15 Aug 23
12:54 20 Nov 22
What I watchedWhat I watched
17:09 20 Jun 22
15:26 19 Apr 22
Jana WoltetJana Woltet
19:48 18 Apr 22
Ebru CakalEbru Cakal
01:27 17 Apr 22
Reygie CuliliReygie Culili
13:17 20 Feb 22
iMi has the expertise and experience to help your business succeed in this new and growing industry.
Queenie HabanaQueenie Habana
04:18 20 Feb 22
They are always available to assist you, answer your questions, and provide you with the most recent information.
Jerric PagalJerric Pagal
14:01 30 Jan 22
They pride themselves on providing the most up to date information available in the crypto space.
12:11 24 Jan 22
I am Glad that I discovered this platform...It was of great help to me and my investment plans.
Renelyn BergunioRenelyn Bergunio
10:24 09 Dec 21
They've helped me so much since I don't have the time to keep up with crypto news on my own. iMi Crypto will give you all the information you need without overloading you.
Zian SuyamZian Suyam
13:06 26 Nov 21
The course is great!! Very informative and well presented. The video and text view are excellent- easy to go back and revisit parts.
Gui BorcharttGui Borchartt
15:07 13 Nov 21
This cryptocurrency firm is fantastic. They are the industry's leading information hub for all crypto topics.
Sérgio EduardoSérgio Eduardo
12:55 03 Nov 21
iMi is the best beginning company for crypto traders and investors. They give you theinformation that is important for making wise business decisions.
Batang GamhananBatang Gamhanan
00:22 16 Oct 21
Great information and easy to follow along. Very helpful and easy to understand. You'll feel like you're in the room with the instructors, which makes it all the more helpful.

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