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We are serious when it comes to rollout Blockchain applications.

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02 The approach

Rollout Blockchain

Before we rollout an application, it is obligatory to check and identify your business case first. However, our blockchain consulting service will guide you through the process. Certainly we speak all needed languages when it comes to blockchain coding. But first you have to think about the assets you want to rollout. However, as a business leader, you know the advantages of blockchains. As a matter of fact,

ignoring this game changing technology will kill your business. The revolution has just started.

Do not confound the core technology with the ground-breaking Bitcoin implementation. Blocks are not just about cryptocurrency. This network is only one of millions of applications. In addition, and opposite cloud based application, peer-to-peer networks are clearly the future. Beside many advantages, Distributed Ledger Technology is faster, safer and cost-saving. Together we can rollout blockchain applications smooth, and successful. Finally, you’ll take advantage of the most innovative technology since the world-wide-web.

03 The Use

Application Rollout Blockchain

First, let us explain you the application rollout blockchain. It is important to understand blockchain basics first.

Secondly, we were looking into blockchain coding, the process architecture and the structure of distributed ledgers and its technology. To begin with comprehensive analytics is always helpful. Generally, project leaders and users become more confident, after they have reached a certain level of blockchain education. Therefore, please checkout our course offer. Further more,

a proper rollout should always be done on a user-friendly desktop application.

Hence, at iMi, we always keep it simple but smart. Before we rollout any blockchain application, we implement beautiful user-interfaces. So let’s start by explaining the basic steps to rollout blockchain applications the right way.

enterprise blockchain consulting and deployment services


First, we will discuss the potential of each application before we start rollout blockchains.


Secondly, we analyze different application types for a smooth rollout of blocks or smart contracts.


Consequently we create a comprehensive Project plan and define the rollout step by step.


International programmers develop blockchain application in multiple languages.


In particular, when it comes to rollout, we check the proof-of-work of every application. Swiss Timepiece like.


Finally, we are available 24/7 just in case you need help in maintaining your application or your servers.

04 Swiss Made DLT

Distributed Ledger Applications

Coupled with our know-how to develop distributed ledger applications, we differentiate with practical experience in your filed.

In particular we’ve worked in Finance, Industrial, Supply Chain, Real Estate and Multi-Media sectors. 

Of course, next to our in-depth understanding of your particular market, we talk different DLT languages. Likewise Python, we talk any programming language, from C++ to GOLang.

Hence, iMi is the premium Swiss consultancy firm when it comes to develop practicable DLT applications.

To summarize, our team of experts can implement the ground-breaking Distributed Ledger Technology for you within the following industry sectors:

Financial Services
Music & Media
Real Estate
Supply Chain
Industrial Businesses
and any other

want to learn
Distributed Ledger technology?

First of all, this technology is a game changer. Secondly, it is developing daily. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to learn about DLT. On our website we offer classes, webinars, as well as online courses. Here you can build your own awareness. You can even become a professional programmer if you like! In short, you should start right now with one of our free webinars:

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05 DLT Partners

Our Distributed Ledger Partners

Meet our partners when it comes to distributed ledger technology. As always, we only work with the best. First of all, we cooperate with the best DLT firms in the world. Furthermore, we’re a member of all important associations. And finally, we attend all global summits when to exchange knowledge. As a result, we are proud to be an independent partner of:

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Our partner for multicloud platforms

ethereum imi business partner
The distribution computing platform
hyperion exchange imi business partner

Best in class Crypto exchange

global blockchain network imi business partner

The Global Blockchain Network

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Our Peruvian partner in Lima