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Leverage iMi’s premium blockchain coding services to drive blockchain adoption at your organization.
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02 Let’s #BUIDL Together

Designed to deliver value

At iMi, we believe blockchain implementation needs to be tailored to suit an organization’s goals and requirements. With our deep industry expertise and multi-disciplinary experience of decades, we go out there and find the perfect use-case groups and deploy tailored solutions that drive growth of your organization.

To make sure we deliver nothing but the best for our clients, we invest heavily in top-dollar blockchain coding experts. So you can rest assured when we say this:

Every aspect of blockchain implementation at your organization, from platform design to blockchain architecture – it will all be flawless.

Blockchain is way beyond the hype-cycle and now calls for practical deployment across various functions. You’ll need the best blockchain coding experts on your side – engage iMi now and you’ll never have to worry again.

03 iMi for Blockchain

The Perfect Recipe for Blockchain Coding

With years of experience and inputs from our valued clients, we have devised the perfect recipe for blockchain coding. It’s all about having a clear picture of what the clients need.

It has 4 main components. Here goes:

Foolproof Strategy

Leverage blockchain and DLTs to drive transformation at your organization. We begin by creating a detailed and tailored business-case and then ensure organizational alignment and readiness to implement it in a streamlined manner.

Use-Case Design

Once we have a blockchain/consortium strategy in place, we start crafting a proof of concept that is aligned with your DLT goals. Following this, iMi starts working on the MVP (minimum viable product) in an iterative process that approaches perfection.

enterprise blockchain consulting and deployment services

Tailored Architecture

With all the feedback gathered in different stages of MVP and Proof-of-Concept, our blockchain development experts go on to create the tailored blockchain architecture that aligns with your organizational goals and requirements.

Platform Deployment

Once everything is in order, iMi works on integration architecture and high-level architecture to deploy the solution and get it running. To do this successfully, we use bleeding-edge technology and industry-leading development practices.

Our Common Programming Languages for Blockchains


The Language is designed to have flexibility and efficiency, while being object oriented. It can easily be called and reused in other programs. C++ is offering Memory Control, Threading, Move Semantics, Compile Time Polymorphism, Code Isolation and Maturity.


The core coding Language is Javascript. Used in the WWW for Content Production. To create the Genesis Block (the mother block) we often use Javascript. Furthermore we add the Blocks and use JS for Validating the Chain with any previousHash.


Created in 1991, Python was made for Simplicity and Minimalism. Most notable, we use “white space” to signify code Blocks. Additionally, we can use SHA 256 hash for security. Python is used to create the very important Time-Stamp.


So there is Solidity as well. If you want to learn blockchain development, this is an absolute must. It is used to make Decentralized Applications or starting your own Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Therefore, we use this code to create Smart Contracts on Ethereum.


We also use GO Programming. GoLang is a very popular programming language. This modern type of coding was developed by Google. It is a very robust multi-purpose language. It features maximal flexibility as we use it for multiple parts of block development.


Finally we do coding in Rust. It is a multi-paradigm system programming language focused on safety. Especially developed for safe cryptocurrency. Rust is syntactically similar to C++, but is designed to provide better memory safety while maintaining high performance.

04 Premier Blockchain Development Solutions

Water-Tight Blockchain Strategy that wins!

We all know this for a fact – organizations that succeed over long and sustained periods think forward, and differently!

Adopting blockchain is not vanity in today’s world, it is a necessity!

With blockchain, organizations can lower the cost of operations, strengthen trust, and tap into new opportunities for value creation.

Tenets of bleeding-edge Blockchain Solutions

Streamlined Business at Lower Costs

Inherent benefits of DLTs will help you with lowering infrastructure costs drastically. With increased immutability and transparency, you can chip away redundancy from operations and streamline your business operations.

Increased Security with better Transparency

Increasing security has meant more restrictions in the traditional industry sense. Not anymore, though. Blockchain helps organizations with improved transparency minus the threat of a security breach.

Decentralized plus Efficient

Decentralized structures are known to be great with transparency, yes. Efficiency, not so much. With Blockchain, that’s not true. Increase the efficiency of your business operations by deploying a decentralized infrastructure. Your dedicated team of Blockchain Developers will help you in the following fields:

Develop Cryptocurrencies

If you would like to share your own cryptocurrency or token, we are here to develop it for you.

Create Smart Contracts

If you are in the need of automated escrow or block chain based contracting, our team will roll it out.

Financial Applications

We help banks and insurance companies in programming distributed ledgers. Speed up your back office settlement systems.

Implement Token for ICO, DSO, STO, IPO

Our developers will create digital assets. Keep it private or public. We code the most innovative stock asset.

Standardized Supply Chain Blocks

We use BiTA coding to implement Blockchain contracts. Connect manufacturer, supplier and distributor to fulfill consumer needs.

Distributed Ledger Programming

No matter what you would like to distribute. We create distributed ledgers for content creators or music distributors.

Blockchain Architecture

We design your blockchain architecture before any code is released. Including Settlement of protocols.

GO GoLang Programming

Our team of Coders are also familiar with the Google Code. Get maximal flexibility with iMi.

Blockchain Coding
Client Testimonials

It was great working with you guys. I was more than impressed about your coding skills. The team was very supportive from the very beginning.
Li Chow
Li Chow
Both thumbs up! You guys completely rock. I’m so glad we have you in our team. You made Blockchain roll out simple. Please keep the great work up!
sarah walker
Sarah Walker
Head ICT
All I can say is "WOW". I never though it would be this simple to implement Blockchain for our supply chain. If I could I would recommend you 200%.
peter miller
Peter Miller
Head Operations
04 Our Partners

Co-operation Partners

Meet our coding and hardware partners. As always, we only work with the best. First of all, we cooperate with the best Fintech firms. Furthermore, we’re a member of the most important associations. And finally, we attend all global summits when to exchange knowledge. As a result, we are proud to be an independent partner of:


Consensis is our partner when it comes to Ethereum projects.


Our partner LimeChain is top-notch on smart contracts & DApps.


Pixelplex is our crypto exchange partner in terms of mobile or web wallets.


When it comes to Hyperledger frameworks we work with Codezeros.

chain plus imi partner in blockchain consulting

Chain Plus is our Blockchain coding partner for Asien applications.


You want to learn
Blockchain coding?

Young enthusiastic people often asking us “How to learn blockchain coding?”. We use and share our knowledge the best we can. Therefore, we put online courses on our website. Sure, there are many learning platforms around to learn this new technology. But high-quality courses are very rare. Hence, we’ve setup different type of courses to become a professional programmer! With the following 3 methods you can become a blockchain coder in no time:

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Coding Classes

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Coding Webinars

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