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How to learn Blockchain
the right way?

Professionals need industry-leading education that cuts through the noise.



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02 Learn Blockchain

Learning Blockchain matters

The era of DLTs and decentralized web is truly upon us. More than 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies are already investing in the blockchain technology.

To thrive in this age of the decentralized web, it is important for industry professionals to up-skill themselves with the best blockchain education.

Why you should learn
Blockchain technology

The era of DLTs and decentralized web is truly upon us. More than 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies are already investing in the blockchain technology.

To thrive in this age of the decentralized web, it is important for industry professionals to up-skill themselves with the best blockchain education.

At iMi, we offer just that – and more.

The secret to success in a blockchain dominated world is not going to be theoretical knowledge.

The Crypto revolution has just begun

While clear basics are vital, building cutting-edge blockchain solutions is about integration of various elements in the ecosystem. Instead of proprietary software, interoperability is going to be the focus.

Prepare yourself for the next revolution.


Learn Blockchain from the best

Our partners are the top universities from all continents. We provide blockchain education, training, and classes for over 2,480 students and alumni around the globe.

03 Need of Blockchain

Need of quality blockchain education

The needs of every company is anything but constant. Every professional needs to up-skill itself, irrespective of their position in the corporate ladder, or their industry.

As a matter of fact – the important your role, the more you gotta push for upgrading your know-how and expertise.

The empowering technology

With the decentralized era of web truly upon us, empowering your organization and skillset with blockchain no longer an option – it is a necessity. To help you with this, iMi offers end-to-end quality blockchain education that helps you to dominate the new web.

Whether it’s the expensive lawyer you have on retainer or the accountant you don’t seem to understand value-addition of, they and other third-party service providers are going to be dispensable for your organization.

enterprise blockchain consulting and deployment services

Digital transformation as a must

Digital transformation is the key to success for every single company. Who else will file the paperwork or do due diligence? Blockchain is the technology that drives your digital transformation to the next level. Read: Smart Contracts. Too important to leave it alone, right? Start your blockchain education. Today!

Disruption has always been around on the web. Let’s look at the journey of the digital realm and see if we can find any patterns.

The Internet Before 2005

Huge servers were used, and streaming videos was a distant dream. Devices had to connect to closed and centralized networks were all that thrived. Remember when we had to dial-in?

In fact, speed of transactions was very slow. Only big players like Microsoft had the money to build up services and instances.

This Changed. Innovative organizations came up with ideas. And implemented them.

internet before 2005

The Internet Until Yesterday

Over the last decade, internet giants like Google or Amazon have introduced Cloud Solutions. This was followed by public access to IOT (internet of things) Networks.

But clouds are still centralized. And get tampered with.

Recent security breaches have made it clear as daylight. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal was just one of the cases. Privacy and personal data rights don’t exist.

internet until today

The Internet Today and Beyond

From users to government, everyone is looking for foolproof privacy and security in the modern-day networks. And a decentralized web is the only answer.

The standalone devices from your kitchen to your watch (smart). Everything is going to be connected. Generating more data than anyone could every imagine.

And blockchain is going to be the glue to hold it all together.

the internet today and beyond
04 Tutorials

Premier tutorials to learn Blockchain

iMi is dedicated to helping you decipher the nitty-gritty around this technology.

From understanding the basics of blockchain technology to studying the various use-cases of the technology, we help you every step of the way.

Blockchain use-cases

Most important Blockchain use-cases include:

– Digital Identity
– Asset Fractionalization
– Decentralized Finance
– Streamlined Supply-Chains

And gazillion others.

Every organization must have a customized lens to explore the blockchain paradigm.

To do this, every stakeholder and decision-maker needs to be educated about the potential of blockchain.

At iMi, we have curated a premier curriculum to help everyone with blockchain education. From the basics of cryptography to the more sophisticated concepts like consensus mechanisms – iMi teaches you everything.

Ready to learn Blockchain?

Get started with our free Tutorial: Blockchain Basics for Beginner’s

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Join the imi Blockchain Academy

Many students reached out to us, asking the same questions. “How to learn Blockchain?” and “Where to find the best resources online for Blockchain Education?”. Sure, there are many ways to learn this new technology. But quality courses are very rare. Therefore, we’ve setup different type of courses to become a professional user or programmer! In short, we offer the following 3 methods for you to choose:

blockchain training
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#1 Group Trainings

blockchain webinars

#2 Webinars

Group 105

#3 Online Courses

Testimonials from
our Students

Shared community experiences and engaging with other iMi students motivated me how to learn blockchain differently. I loved the 1:1 training in small groups.
anna coldwell student testimonial
Anna Coldwell
MIT Boston
I had difficulties during my studies. Therefore, I wanted some private tuition to become better. iMi's Blockchain Webinars helped me a lot.
ben right student testimonial
Ben Right
Oxford University
Next to my Applied Physics studies, I wanted to learn all about Distributed Ledger Technology. Awesome I've found iMi. Their online courses are easy to learn.
Catherine sato student testimonial
Catherine Sato
Stanford University
05 Cooperation

we work with

Meet the universities we collaborate with. Above all, we only work with the best in class. In detail, we cooperate with the best technical universities around the world. Furthermore, we attend all global summits when it comes to Block Chain Technology. As a result, we combine all the latest developments of all our cooperation partners so that our courses are always state-of-the-art.
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