How to Become a Successful Blockchain Consultant

how to become blockchain consultant

Key Highlights

  • Distributed ledger technology (DLT) has revolutionized various industries and has a wide range of use cases, especially in the financial services sector. As a blockchain consultant, you can leverage this technology to provide innovative solutions to businesses.
  • By understanding the core competencies of networks and development, you can offer valuable consulting services to organizations looking to implement DLT solutions.
  • As a blockchain business consultant, you will play a vital role in helping businesses identify the right protocol, design and develop projects and provide strategic guidance on risk management.
  • To become a successful blockchain consultant, it is important to have key skills and knowledge areas such as software development, understanding this space, and expertise in smart contracts.
  • The demand for blockchain experts is growing rapidly, with industries such as healthcare, supply chain, and financial services being revolutionized by this technology. This presents a great opportunity for aspiring blockchain consultants to make a significant impact.


Distributed ledger technology has gained immense popularity in recent years, and its impact on various industries, especially financial services, is undeniable. This disruptive technology has the potential to transform traditional business models and create new opportunities for innovation. As a result, the demand for blockchain consultants has skyrocketed.

Blockchain consultants are professionals who provide strategic guidance and technical expertise to businesses looking to leverage this technology. They help organizations understand the potential use cases of distributed ledgers, identify the right protocol, and design and develop projects. With the increasing popularity of this technology, the demand for consultants has also risen, with many startups and enterprises seeking their services. Blockchain consultants also play a crucial role in risk management, ensuring that businesses implement secure and efficient solutions.

Becoming a successful blockchain consultant requires a deep understanding of this technology, as well as strong technical and analytical skills. Additionally, staying updated with the latest advancements and continuous learning is essential to thrive in this rapidly evolving field.

In this blog, we will explore the role of a blockchain business consultant, the key skills and knowledge areas required, the growing demand for experts, pathways to becoming a consultant, and strategies for success in this field. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to transition into blockchain consulting or a newcomer interested in this exciting field, this blog will provide you with valuable insights and guidance.

Understanding Blockchain Consultancy

Blockchain consultancy involves providing expert advice and guidance to businesses on implementing this technology. It encompasses a wide range of services, including identifying the right protocol, designing and developing projects, and offering strategic insights on risk management.

One of the key aspects of blockchain consultancy is understanding decentralized networks. Networks are decentralized systems that enable the secure and transparent exchange of digital assets. As a consultant, you need to have a deep understanding of different networks, such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Corda, and their capabilities. This knowledge will help you guide businesses in selecting the most suitable protocol for their specific use case.

Another critical aspect of blockchain consultancy is development. This involves designing and developing projects that address the specific needs of businesses. As a consultant, you need to have expertise in smart contract development, cryptography, and architecture. This will enable you to build scalable and secure solutions for your clients.

In addition to technical expertise, blockchain consultancy also involves providing consulting services to businesses. This includes conducting workshops and training sessions to educate clients about technology, demonstrating the potential use cases of this technology in their industry, and analyzing their existing solutions to identify areas where it can add value.

Overall, consultancy requires a combination of technical knowledge, consulting skills, and a deep understanding of the technology and its potential use cases. By providing expert guidance and innovative solutions, blockchain experts can help businesses leverage the power of this technology and achieve lasting gains in performance.

understanding blockchain consultancy

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The Role of a Blockchain Consultant

As a blockchain consultant, your role is to provide strategic guidance and technical expertise to businesses looking to implement solutions. Your key responsibilities include helping organizations identify the right protocol, designing and developing projects, and offering insights on risk management.

One of the main aspects of your role is to assist businesses in understanding the potential use cases of distributed ledger technology and how it can transform their business model. By analyzing their existing solutions and workflows, you can identify areas where they can add value and provide innovative solutions.

Your core competencies as a blockchain consultant include a deep understanding of these networks, development, and consulting services. This includes knowledge of different protocols, smart contract development, cryptography, and its architecture. You also need to have strong consulting skills, such as the ability to communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders and provide strategic guidance based on industry trends and best practices.

By leveraging your expertise in technology and consulting, you can guide businesses in implementing secure and efficient solutions. Your role as a blockchain consultant is crucial in helping organizations navigate the complexities of implementation and unlock the full potential of this transformative technology.

Key Skills and Knowledge Areas

To become a successful blockchain consultant, it is important to have a combination of technical skills and industry knowledge. Here are some key skills and knowledge areas that are essential for a consultant:

  • Software Development: Strong programming skills are crucial for building solutions. Proficiency in languages such as Solidity, C++, and JavaScript is important for smart contract development and application development.
  • Understanding the Space: A deep understanding of the technology, its principles, and its potential use cases is essential. Stay updated with the latest advancements in this space and be aware of the different protocols and their capabilities.
  • Smart Contracts: Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. Expertise in smart contract development, including writing, deploying, and testing smart contracts, is a valuable skill for a blockchain consultant.
  • Industry Knowledge: Gain industry-specific knowledge to understand how this technology can be applied to different sectors. This includes understanding the specific pain points and challenges faced by industries such as healthcare, supply chain, and financial services.

By developing these skills and knowledge areas, you will be well-equipped to provide valuable insights and guidance as a blockchain consultant.

Understanding the key skills and knowledge areas is essential for aspiring blockchain consultants. Proficiency in technology, smart contracts, and decentralized networks is crucial. Additionally, expertise in risk management, financial services, and consulting services is highly advantageous. A deep understanding of emerging technologies like AI and machine learning is valuable. Continuous learning and staying updated on industry best practices are key factors for success in the dynamic market. Empower yourself by honing these core competencies to excel as a consultant.

The Growing Demand for Blockchain Experts

With the rapid expansion of technology across various industries, the demand for skilled blockchain experts, such as those at iMi Blockchain, is on the rise. Companies are increasingly recognizing the transformative potential of these networks in enhancing transparency, efficiency, and security. As businesses strive to leverage the benefits of this technology, the need for knowledgeable consultants with years of experience who can navigate the complexities of development and implementation is becoming paramount. This growing demand offers aspiring consultants exciting opportunities to contribute to innovative projects and drive impactful change in the digital landscape.

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Industries Revolutionized by Blockchain

Blockchain has made a remarkable impact on various industries, leading to significant transformations. Sectors such as supply chain management, financial services, healthcare, and even the public sector have been revolutionized by this technology. By enhancing transparency, security, and efficiency in processes, DLT has reshaped the way businesses operate in these industries. From ensuring data integrity in healthcare to streamlining supply chain logistics, its potential for revolutionizing industries is vast and has opened up numerous opportunities for innovation and growth.

Why Companies Seek Blockchain Consultants

Understanding the value of this technology, companies seek blockchain consultants who bring expertise in networks and smart contracts. These consultants assist in implementing transparent and secure solutions for various industries like financial services, supply chains, and healthcare. Companies rely on experts to navigate the complexities of development and ensure the successful integration of DLT into their business models. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of blockchain consultants, companies aim to enhance their operational efficiency and drive innovation in their processes.

Pathways to Becoming a Blockchain Consultant

Embarking on the journey to become a blockchain consultant involves acquiring specialized knowledge and skills. Pursuing educational programs or certifications related to this technology is essential. Additionally, gaining hands-on experience through involvement in projects is invaluable. Networking with professionals in the field and staying updated on industry trends are key steps toward establishing yourself as a successful consultant. Your pathway to success in this dynamic field is paved with continuous learning and the practical application of your expertise.

Educational Analytics Backgrounds and Courses

To excel as a blockchain consultant, pursue educational backgrounds and courses in technology, software development, and business models. Equip yourself with knowledge in risk management and decentralized networks. Consider certifications from top consulting companies, focusing on development and consulting services. Dive into data analytics and smart contracts to enhance your understanding of this space. Empower yourself with relevant skills to thrive in this dynamic industry. Never underestimate the value of continuous learning. Utilize these educational foundations to propel your success in consultancy.

Gaining Practical Experience in Blockchain Projects

Engage in real-world projects to gain practical experience. Join development teams to immerse yourself in the field. Actively participate in creating networks and implementing smart contracts. Collaborate on diverse projects to enhance your skills in this technology. This hands-on experience will solidify your understanding of development and prepare you for a successful career as a blockchain consultant.

Joining a Blockchain Consulting Firm vs. Independent Consulting

When deciding between joining a blockchain consulting firm or pursuing independent consulting, consider the trade-offs. Working for a consulting company offers structured support and an established client base, enhancing credibility. Independent consulting allows freedom in choosing clients and projects but requires self-marketing, establishing a reputation, and huge investments into your own business. Evaluate your preferences for autonomy, budget, and support before deciding on the best fit for your career as a consultant.

Pros and Cons of Working with a Firm like Ey or iMi Blockchain

Pros of working with a blockchain consulting firm include access to a structured environment for skill development and networking opportunities with industry experts. Additionally, firms often handle administrative tasks, allowing consultants to focus on client engagements. On the flip side, some may find limited autonomy and potential conflict with firm policies as drawbacks. On top, as an employee, your salary is always very low. However, exposure to diverse projects and an established client base can significantly boost a consultant’s credibility and experience in the market.

Starting Your Own Blockchain Consultancy

Embarking on the journey to start your own blockchain consultancy can be a profoundly rewarding endeavor. As an entrepreneur in this space, you have the opportunity to shape your business model, set your consulting services apart, and establish your unique value proposition. This empowerment comes with the responsibility to stay updated on the latest trends, nurture your core competencies, and build a strong network within the industry.

On the other hand, and as with any start-up, you need to be financially able to invest in building your business. This development costs several hundred thousand dollars and a possible success takes at least 2-3 years.

If you are financially secure and ready to work around the clock for the next 3 years, you should start your own business. Also, if you apply best practices and use your experience, you can pave the way for a successful business consultancy.

Navigating the Blockchain Consulting Market

Identifying your niche within the competitive blockchain consulting market is crucial. Building a strong portfolio and network can set you apart. By understanding client needs and aligning services with industry trends, you can leverage your expertise effectively. Networking events and strategic partnerships can help in expanding your reach within this space, leading to new opportunities. Stay proactive in learning about emerging technologies and keep adapting to stay relevant in this dynamic field. Continuously refining your skills will ensure you navigate the market successfully.

Identifying Your Niche: From Finance to Healthcare

Specializing in blockchain consultancy requires identifying your niche. Explore various industries like finance, healthcare, or supply chain. Analyze where your skills align best and where the demand is high. Consider focusing on areas like development, smart contracts, or ICO development and consulting. By pinpointing your niche, you can establish yourself as an expert in a specific field, attracting clients seeking specialized knowledge and solutions tailored to their industry. Empower your consultancy by carving out a distinctive niche in the vast space.

Building a Portfolio and Network

Networking and showcasing a strong portfolio are vital for a successful blockchain consultant. Engage in industry events, connect with professionals on social media platforms, and actively participate in these communities. Display your expertise through case studies and successful projects. Collaborate with other experts to broaden your network and gain new insights. Building a diverse portfolio that highlights your skills and experience will attract clients and set you apart in the competitive space. Stay proactive and continuously expand your network for long-term success.

Strategies for Success as a Blockchain Consultant

To excel as a blockchain consultant, prioritize continuous learning to stay at the forefront of these technology advancements. Leverage social media and online platforms to showcase your expertise and expand your reach within this space. Networking and building relationships are key, as is integrating AI and machine learning into your consulting services to provide cutting-edge solutions. By diversifying your skills and services, you can maximize your success in the dynamic world of consultancy.

Staying Ahead with Continuous Learning

Continuously learning about the latest technology trends and advancements is crucial for staying ahead in the rapidly evolving space. By keeping yourself updated with new use cases, developments in financial services, and emerging technologies like AI and machine learning, you empower yourself to offer cutting-edge solutions to clients. Engaging in ongoing education not only enhances your expertise but also ensures that you remain a valuable asset in the competitive consulting industry. Embrace a mindset of lifelong learning to thrive as a successful blockchain consultant.

Leveraging Social Media and Online Platforms

Building a strong online presence is crucial for a blockchain business consultant. Leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and industry-specific forums can help showcase expertise and attract potential clients. Engaging content, and industry insights, and sharing relevant articles can position you as a thought leader in this space. Active participation in online communities and utilizing online platforms for networking can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations, enhancing your visibility and credibility in the industry. Stay consistent and authentic in your interactions to build trust and authority.

Common Challenges in Blockchain Consulting

Navigating the complexities of this technology poses common challenges in consulting. From managing client expectations to tackling technical intricacies, blockchain consultants must constantly innovate. Ensuring transparency, risk management, and integrating AI solutions are core tasks. Overcoming these hurdles requires a blend of technical expertise and interpersonal skills, essential for success in the ever-evolving space.

common challenges in blockchain consulting

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Overcoming Technical Complexities

Navigating the world of DLT as a consultant necessitates conquering technical challenges with finesse. Mastery of smart contracts and decentralized networks is imperative. Ensuring seamless integration and resolving interoperability issues demand expertise. Staying updated on the latest developments in this space aids in tackling complexities successfully. Empower yourself by honing your skills to navigate through the intricate technical landscape, paving the way for smooth consultancy experiences. Stay resilient and proactive to triumph over technical hurdles and emerge as a successful consultant.

Managing Client Expectations

As a blockchain consultant, managing client expectations is paramount. By clearly communicating project timelines, potential challenges, and outcomes, you build trust and transparency. Understanding the client’s goals and addressing any complexities proactively fosters a positive working relationship. Utilizing your expertise in this technology, guide clients through the process with assurance, ensuring alignment with their vision and objectives. Successful management of client expectations sets the foundation for fruitful collaborations and reinforces your credibility in the consulting space. Stay proactive and responsive to cultivate strong client partnerships.

Case Studies: Successful App Projects

In the realm of successful blockchain consulting projects, real-world implementations showcase the transformative power of this technology. From revolutionizing supply chain management to enhancing financial services, consultants drive innovation and efficiency. These case studies illuminate the practical applications and tangible benefits that these solutions bring to diverse industries, reinforcing the crucial role of consultants in driving digital transformation and delivering tangible results for businesses in today’s dynamic landscape.

Transforming Ledger and Supply Chain Management

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing supply chain management by enhancing transparency and efficiency. Through these networks, companies can track products at every stage, ensuring authenticity and reducing fraud. This technology enables secure and transparent transactions, leading to better risk management and streamlined operations. By implementing it in supply chain management, businesses can achieve new levels of traceability and accountability, ultimately transforming how goods are sourced, tracked, and delivered. The impact of this technology in this sector is empowering businesses to build more resilient and trustworthy supply chains, thanks to its use of a shared and validated ledger among all network participants.

Innovations in Financial Services: From Crypto to Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology has led to groundbreaking innovations in financial services, revolutionizing transactions and security. From enhancing payment systems to enabling peer-to-peer transfers, decentralized networks offer unprecedented transparency and efficiency in financial operations. Smart contracts, a core component of development, automate processes and reduce risks in financial transactions. The adoption of decentralized networks and cryptocurrency in financial services is reshaping the industry’s business model and paving the way for more secure and streamlined operations. Embracing these innovations, such as in-app token implementation, can empower consultants to drive positive change and value in the financial sector.

Franchise Opportunities in Blockchain Consulting

Franchise opportunities in blockchain consulting empower individuals to leverage established frameworks and brand recognition to enter the dynamic industry. By joining a franchise program, consultants can access proven business models, training, and network support, accelerating their journey toward success in consultancy. This avenue provides a structured approach for newcomers to benefit from collective expertise and resources, enhancing their chances of thriving in the competitive consulting market.

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Benefits of Joining a Franchise Program

By joining a franchise program as a blockchain business consultant, you gain the advantage of leveraging an established business model and brand reputation. This can enhance your credibility in the market and attract clients more efficiently. Additionally, being part of a franchise offers support in areas such as marketing, training, and operations, which can help you focus on delivering high-quality consulting services. Overall, opting for a franchise program can provide a strong foundation for your consultancy career, empowering you to thrive in the competitive space.

Probably the biggest advantage of a franchise model is the low hurdle on the way to becoming an independent consultant. You enjoy the benefits of an entrepreneur, while the investment costs are much lower and the profitability of your business takes only 1-2 months rather than 2-3 years. This reduces your entrepreneurial risk to a tolerable level.

How to Choose the Right Franchise

Ensure your selection aligns with your interests and strengths. Consider the franchise’s reputation, support, and success rate. Evaluate the initial investment and ongoing fees. Assess the training provided and the growth potential. Research the market demand for the franchise’s services and its competitive landscape. Trust your instincts and opt for a franchise that resonates with your vision and goals. Making an informed decision is key to establishing a successful blockchain consultancy franchise.

iMi Blockchain offers such a franchise opportunity. The entry costs are very low at $20,000 and the chances of success are enormous. A good consultant can earn over $35,000 a month. This means that the net return on investment is achieved after just two months.

Maximizing Earnings as a Blockchain Consultant

Maximizing your earnings as a blockchain consultant involves strategic fee structures and diversifying services for increased revenue. By setting competitive pricing strategies and offering a range of specialized services, you can attract more clients and enhance your income potential in the consulting space. Embrace innovation and adapt to market trends to stay ahead and drive sustainable growth in your consultancy business. Empower yourself to optimize your earning potential as a successful consultant.

Blockchain Consultant career and salary opportunities

Fee Structures and Pricing Strategies

When establishing fee structures as a blockchain business consultant, it’s crucial to align pricing with the value you offer. Consider project complexity, client budget, and industry standards. Offering tiered packages or hourly rates can accommodate different client needs. Incorporate flexible pricing models, such as performance-based fees, to showcase confidence in your abilities. Transparency in pricing builds trust and fosters long-term client relationships in the blockchain consultancy space. Embrace innovative pricing strategies to reflect your expertise and empower clients to invest in your services confidently.

Be prepared that anything is possible in this new market. You will find offers from inexperienced hobby consultants starting at $20. If you look at offers from any of the big 4 consulting firms, be it McKindey, Deloitte, EY, or BCG, they are operating at hourly rates between $500 and $1500 per consultant and hour of course.

Diversifying Services on Tokenization

By diversifying services, blockchain business consultants can tap into new revenue streams and expand their clientele. Offering a range of services such as development, smart contract audits, or consulting on tokenization can attract a broader range of clients with varying needs. Additionally, branching out into related areas like AI integration with decentralized networks or data analytics for these projects can set consultants apart in a competitive market. This strategic approach not only boosts revenue but also enhances the consultant’s expertise and marketability.

The Future of Blockchain Business Consultants

The future of blockchain consulting promises exciting advancements with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These technologies will streamline processes, enhance security, and enable more efficient transactions within these networks. As this technology continues to evolve, the role of consultants will expand to include advanced analytics, tokenization, and sustainable solutions for various industries. Embracing these innovations will empower consultants to stay at the forefront of technological progress and drive transparency and assurance in this space.

Emerging Trends and Technologies like iOT

Blockchain business consultants need to stay updated on emerging trends and technologies to remain competitive. Keeping abreast of developments in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart contracts is essential. Understanding how these innovations intersect with this technology can give consultants a strategic edge. By embracing new advancements and integrating them into their services, consultants can offer innovative solutions to clients, positioning themselves as leaders in the evolving space. Continuous learning and adaptation to emerging technologies, such as IoT, will be crucial to long-term success. Stay informed and adaptable to thrive in the dynamic consulting industry.

The Role of AI and Machine Learning

In the evolving landscape of blockchain consultancy, AI and machine learning play pivotal roles, enhancing decision-making processes and streamlining operations. These technologies enable consultants to analyze vast amounts of data efficiently, identify patterns, and predict trends within such networks. By leveraging AI and machine learning, consultants can offer valuable insights, optimize business processes, and enhance the overall effectiveness of solutions. Embracing these advanced technologies empowers consultants to deliver innovative and data-driven strategies, driving success in this space.


To excel as a successful blockchain business consultant, understanding the evolving landscape and honing your skills is pivotal. Embrace continuous learning, connect with industry leaders, and explore diverse projects to stay ahead. Consider joining a franchise program for added support or venture into independent consulting for autonomy. Navigating this dynamic field requires strategic networking, niche identification, and portfolio development. Don’t shy away from challenges but view them as stepping stones to growth. The future of consulting holds promise with emerging technologies shaping the industry. Embark on this transformative journey with confidence and adaptability, unlocking new possibilities and maximizing your potential as a consultant. Explore further insights in our detailed blog on navigating the world of consultancy.

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How much can a blockchain consultant earn?

A blockchain consultant’s earnings vary based on experience and projects, ranging from $50,000 to $450,000 annually. Specialized skills and industry demand can lead to higher pay. Continuous learning and building a strong reputation can enhance earning potential.

What are the first steps to becoming a blockchain consultant?

To start on the path to becoming a blockchain consultant, focus on gaining a strong understanding of this technology. Begin by learning its fundamentals and exploring practical applications. Engage in relevant courses, gain hands-on experience, and build a solid foundation in this innovative field.

How to stay updated with blockchain technology?

To stay updated with blockchain technology, regularly follow industry news, join online forums, attend conferences, and participate in webinars. Engaging with the communities and continuous learning through courses or certifications are key. Leverage social media platforms to connect with experts and stay informed.

Can you be a blockchain consultant without a tech background?

To pursue a career as a blockchain consultant, having a tech background is beneficial but not mandatory. Focus on developing expertise in fundamentals, project management, and strategic thinking to succeed in the field without a technical background.

Why is joining a blockchain consulting franchise advantageous?

Discover the benefits of joining a blockchain consulting franchise, including established brand recognition, proven business models, ongoing support, and access to a network of experts. Explore how franchising can provide a competitive edge in this dynamic market.

How to approach your first blockchain consulting project?

Approach your first blockchain consulting project by defining project scope, understanding client needs, proposing tailored solutions, and ensuring clear communication. Leverage your expertise, stay updated on industry trends, and deliver value to establish credibility and build long-lasting client relationships.

Marcel Isler

Marcel Isler

Marcel is a Business Economist and founder of iMi Blockchain. A Consultant and international Keynote Speaker. He studied at the University of Oxford. He helps enterprises to implement Blockchain applications. On our blog, he writes about distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, industry news, and future trends.