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Embark on a journey to become a proficient Solidity developer with our comprehensive course designed for beginners and intermediate learners eager to dive into the world of Ethereum smart contracts. This course will take you from a basic understanding of blockchain principles to a mastery of Solidity, enabling you to create, deploy, and optimize smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Start to learn Solidity coding right now!

Why Learn Solidity?

Solidity is the leading programming language for writing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. With Ethereum’s vast ecosystem, learning Solidity opens doors to numerous opportunities, including:

  • Developing decentralized applications (DApps)
  • Token creation (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155)
  • Smart contract auditing
  • Participating in the expansive DeFi and NFT marketplaces

This course will cover it all.

Solidity Programming – Online Course Overview

Now you can become a Solidity developer the easy way.

This Solidity course is:

✔ the perfect course to become a Solidity Developer

✔ a well-structured and beginner-friendly course

✔ for sure the best Solidity course on the internet

The best Solidity Tutorial Online

This online course contains the best Solidity tutorial and online training concepts from MIT, UCL, ETH Zurich, and the University of Oxford. It is a great starting point for future developers who want to use Solidity code to create smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This online course is designed for non-technical beginners and professionals, who are tasked to create Dapps, ERC tokens, smart contracts, and DEFI or NFT marketplaces. In this course, we go beyond Solidity programming. Hence, we look at the history and the future of the Solidity programming language.

Deep dive into Solidity!

In this online course, we will cover absolutely every single step you’ll ever need. We will start with an introduction to blockchain and Ethereum, and how to set up your development environment. There are not many places where you can get your Solidity Certification online. Most websites have no instructor to ask questions, simple examples, or certification with no value. We make it easy for beginners and even for dummies, to become a professional Solidity developer.

The best way to become a Solidity Developer

At the iMi Blockchain Academy, you will find the best way to get your certification in Solidity programming. Look at this simple competition comparison chart:

BenefitsiMi AcademyMicrosoftW3SchoolsCourseraUdemy
Personal InstructorYesNoNoNoNo
University backupYesYesNoNoNo
Price$89FreeNot availableFree$65
Value for money82 lessons8 lessonsNone9 lessons63 lessons

Solidity Course Content

We cover everything in our Solidity online course from basic understanding to coding your own smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Learn Solidity from Scratch

✔ Introduction to the basics

✔ Setting up an Environment

✔ Solidity Concepts

✔ Smart Contract Design

✔ Testing in Solidity

✔ Deploying Smart Contracts

✔ Security in Solidity

✔ Building Dapps with Solidity

✔ Optimizing and Scaling with L2

✔ Solidity Programming Examples

✔ Solidity Code Examples

✔ Smart Contract Examples

✔ Current Solidity Trends

✔ How to keep up with Solidity

Become a Solidity Developer at the iMi Blockchain Academy

From the day you start to study Solidity at our Academy, you make sure that your career gets a huge boost. Here is what we can ensure you:

Solidity Job opportunities

This course is your door opener into the technology industry. You need to know everything about Solidity, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and Dapps. After, you can make blockchains, deploy smart contracts, and launch DEFI products. Solidity is also the door opener to NFT marketplaces, where you can help creative people sell their artworks. After this Solidity course, you will be able to create Ethereum applications yourself and embed smart contracts and other tools. Some common job titles you can apply for are Solidity Developer, Solidity Programmer, Solidity Engineer, Backend Developer, Web3 Developer, Ethereum Developer, and more.

Hiring Companies:

companies hiring programming jobs

Solidity Developer Salary

Entry Level Annual Salary:62,000 USD
Average Level Annual Salary:81,000 USD
Top Earners Annual Salary:105,000 USD

Solidity Course Requirements

Even tho, this course covers all of the fundamentals for beginners and is even explained for dummies – very good knowledge of mathematics and basic programming knowledge is a must and highly required. Be aware that this course is appropriate for technology professionals. People who want to gain a very deep understanding of technical implementation or in-depth know-how of coding Solidity applications on the Ethereum network. If you don’t have very good basic programming skills, then we do NOT recommend this course as a starter. This is NOT an overview course and it does contain Solidity programming exercises.

If you are NOT strong in programming or INSECURE, then we strongly recommend that you enroll in our Python or JavaScript course first.

Solidity Course Duration

Around 30 hours to complete with an additional 20 hours self studying time.

Course Language

This course is in English only. As a future Solidity Developer, you must have good knowledge of the English language. But of course, you can also try using a translator.

Course Description

This is THE ULTIMATE COURSE FOR SOLIDITY PROGRAMMING Professionals – Learn everything about Solidity and the Ethereum blockchain. Gain this knowledge to build your own smart contracts, or DEFI applications or upgrade your CV by documenting your Solidity programming knowledge with the iMi Blockchain Academy “Certificate Solidity Developer”. Join thousands of certified developers who trusted the iMi Blockchain Academy to jumpstart their careers. While your competitors might already implement smart contracts it’s about time for you too to move on. Set yourself up for success and learn all concepts. This is the course you’ll need to learn know-how about Solidity programming and how to implement smart contracts in your company!

Solidity Online Course Format

✔ Online course with live Instructor

✔ Join our Academy with over 60,000 students

✔ Detailed instructions included

✔ Code examples included

✔ Final test with certificate

✔ Chat with Instructor & Students

✔ Final Diploma Exam

✔ Certified Solidity Diploma

✔ Unrestricted lifelong access

✔ Access from mobile/tablet or TV

Get your Certificate Solidity Developer

solidity certificate

This certification will not only show that you are familiar with Solidity programming or Ethereum basics. Become a certified Solidity Developer is key to success. It is a must, a very valuable credential to acquire a high-paying job in the tech industry. Get your Solidity Certificate now.

Solidity Course – Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Solidity programmer do?

A Solidity programmer writes code for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, using the Solidity language. These contracts automatically carry out transactions and agreements. The job involves creating secure and efficient contracts that can handle tasks like voting, crowdfunding, and managing assets, often for things like apps or new cryptocurrencies. It’s like writing rules that a computer follows without needing a middleman.

Does Solidity pay well?

Yes! As a Solidity Developer, you can earn more than 100,000 USD per year. The need of Solidity Developers is increasing and therefore, this job will even pay more in the near future.

Is Solidity easy to learn?

Solidity, the programming language used to create smart contracts on Ethereum, isn’t super easy but not too hard either. It’s a bit like learning any new language – it takes practice. If you’ve coded before, especially in languages like JavaScript or Python, you’ll have a head start. The key is to keep practicing and building projects.

The iMi Blockchain Academy Bootcamp

When you join the iMi Blockchain Academy and enroll in this Solidity Developer course, you can join our Bootcamp at the same time. Ask questions while you study Solidity and the Ethereum blockchain. Exchange ideas with other students, and learn even more. The link to our Academy Boot Camp will be provided as soon as you’ve enrolled.

Solidity Course Rating from Students

Learn Solidity Programming | Best Online Course Certificate
Learn Solidity

Learn Solidity programming. This interactive online tutorial is easy for beginners but also for pros to learn smart contract coding on Ethereum.

Course Provider: Organization

Course Provider Name: iMi Blockchain Academy

Course Provider URL: https://imiblockchain.com

Course Mode: Online

Course Workload: PT50H

Start Date: 2023-12-12

End Date: 2024-12-12

Duration: PT30H

Repeat Count: 12

Repeat Frequency: Monthly

Course Type: Paid

Course Currency: USD

Course Price: 89.00

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