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Cryptocurrency trading for beginnerS

If you are on this page, you probably want to learn how to trade cryptocurrency. You may also be looking for the right platform that offers cryptocurrency trading courses for beginners. You are on the right page. At iMi Blockchain Academy, we offer some crypto trading courses for free, with options to pursue advanced certifications.

The goal in learning crypto trading is simple and should be to simplify the basics of both centralized exchange and DeFi-based trading. There is a growing need to understand how to navigate the crypto ecosystem in order to increase profitability. The roadmap to attain proficiency in trading may be steep, but with the right guide, you can be sure to learn the ropes faster.

Cryptocurrencies have opened a whole new economy that models the traditional stock market in a lot of ways. However, while the crypto ecosystem shares similarities with the broader market, it comes with a lot of technical intricacies like volatilities. As such, getting a good knowledge of cryptocurrency trading is notably different from the Foreign Exchange market, and a special understanding is needed to navigate it.

Explore this page to find out more about cryptocurrency trading, the type of courses we offer, and other pain points to note as you begin your crypto journey. At iMi, we provide comprehensive blockchain services we will guide and help you enhance your learning process.

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Crypto Trading like a Pro

Trading cryptocurrencies is now very popular today. Many people now make money by buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or other cryptocurrencies. Despite crypto trading becoming common, many who are engaged in it rarely understand how the blockchain ecosystem works.

It is even more confusing for those new to space. The volatility in the crypto market makes it difficult for newbies to turn out profits. In fact, many records a lot of losses in their first days of trading. This makes it important for beginners to learn how the market works. This learning is best done by taking a structured cryptocurrency trading course.

Cryptocurrency trading can be very profitable. This, however, depends on how much knowledge of analytical tools you have. These tools include fundamental and technical analysis, and how to apply them to real-life trading exercises. Any trader coming from the broader stock market into crypto may also find a lot of differences in how things work. Crypto traders are armed with the knowledge of the uncertainties in the market, and they apply this as needed.

At iMi, we help people learn crypto trading so as to save them time getting used to cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and more have features that must be understood. While buying BTC, altcoins or any digital currency may be easy, taking advantage of price movements to catch gains may be hard. This brings the need to learn the ropes in crypto trading. Just read what our former students saying and then check out our 2 different offerings:

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Why take a cryptocurrency course with us?

At iMi, we teach you everything you need to become proficient at crypto trading. From “what is cryptocurrency“, to your first action where you buy bitcoin, to the point where you become an experienced trader, we can be your trusted guide. Many people are taking advantage of the new market, capitalizing on its differences from Forex to return good profits. At iMi Academy, we show you how to trade bitcoin, XRP, and more using U.S Dollar and other fiat currencies. 

We have experts who are actively making good profits in crypto assets trading. Our experts use a mix of trusted short-term and long-term trading strategies that brings good results. This will be shown to you starting with our beginner’s guide. Then through a number of structured tutorials, we bring you to a point where you can choose to be involved in day trading or the derivatives market with the right risk management strategies.

Our aim at iMi Academy will be to turn you into a self-confident trader. However, we’d ensure we expose you to the crux of blockchain technology before you start trading. You need to understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency market, and the types of cryptocurrency wallets amongst others. While online courses are convenient, serious training requires a professional teacher to ask questions.


04 Comprehensive Classes

All of our cryptocurrency classes

At iMi, our cryptocurrency class is structured to accommodate everyone no matter the level they are in crypto. Each of our cryptocurrency training courses is designed to take you through the basics, with the aim to give you a deep understanding. Our classes are suited for those who wish to trade cryptocurrencies, as well as those who just need a broad understanding of how the digital currency ecosystem works.

Each of the classes options we offer is outlined below:

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency training

Bitcoin classes

Bitcoin is the first digital currency ever created. The cryptocurrency has its own blockchain, and its use cases are in cash transfers or payments. Over the years, however, Bitcoin has grown to be very relevant. It is now used as a hedge against inflation, and as a store of value in place of gold.

In our Bitcoin classes, we will show you how and why Bitcoin has grown over the years. We will unveil the fundamental events that have shaped the growth of cryptocurrency. Additionally, we will let you know how to decipher the general market trend, and how they shape the price of the coin.

Bitcoin trading receives the largest volume of all digital assets, and this may have a bearing on its valuation per time. Through iMi, you will be proficient in analyzing the Bitcoin markets, trading platform, and the right Bitcoin wallets or hardware wallets to safely store your coins.

Our Bitcoin classes are structured to allow us to get feedback from our students. This way, we get to understand how well you are catching up, and in what ways you need to improve. Our Bitcoin classes are a great call for you to launch into the league of cryptocurrency traders.

ethereum icon

Ethereum Classes

Ethereum (ETH) is also a prominent cryptocurrency, notably the second-largest by market capitalization. Ethereum was founded in 2015 as an open-source blockchain protocol to accommodate Decentralized applications and smart contracts. This functionality has led to a whole new economy to be created with Ethereum as the most important entity.

At iMi, we understand the uniqueness of the Ethereum blockchain, the ecosystem around it and recommend adding this to every trader’s knowledge bank. The place of fundamentals is very crucial in a trading adventure, and this is one of the things we would teach you at iMi Academy. We will show you the evolutionary trend of Ethereum as well as its price growth over time.

The unique smart contracts that have made Ethereum their homes and the price actions of their respective native token. It is also important before diving into Ethereum trading about the impact of transaction fees. The congestion on the Ethereum network is the single most concerning factor that has resulted in high transaction fees.

A good understanding of how blockchain, the Ethereum network, and crypto work, in general, can help expose you to circumvent these charges. Pitch your tent with us and we will show you our playbook on how to navigate this terrain to become proficient and profitable.

Litecoin icon

Altcoin Classes

Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are thousands of alternatives cryptocurrencies out there today. While Binance Coin (BNB), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC) are the most prominent, we have a host of others just coming into the limelight. Each of these can also be traded on crypto exchanges like Bitcoin.

At iMi, we expose our students to the uniqueness of trading altcoins. We begin by giving a deep exposition into the blockchain infrastructure that supports each of these altcoins. We then proceed to the ecosystem backing each of the coins. The idea is to give a detailed overview of what drives the price performance of the altcoins. This helps to accurately trade them.

At iMi, our cryptocurrency trading expertise cuts across the altcoin markets. Our market professionals profitably trade each of these and more digital currencies. We will be happy to show you our playbook and show you how you can turn your USD into profits. So Make the move by reaching out to us today.

cryptocurrency exchange icon

Cryptocurrency exchange classes

There can hardly be cryptocurrency trading without an exchange for it. Trading platforms are a very important market to trade digital currencies. Based on this, it is essential for every intending trader to get used to how they work.

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem today, there are both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Each of these has its uniqueness and how they work. At iMi, we expose you to these differences and how to navigate the murky waters to achieve profitability.

For starters, some of the popular exchanges include eToro, Coinbase, Kraken, OKEx, and more. Whether you have any idea about these exchanges or not, at iMi, we will provide the needed guidance to help you choose the right exchange for you.

As technology has advanced, some of these trading platforms now have mobile app versions on Android and iOS supported devices. At iMi, we will leave no stone unturned as we strive to help you become a confident trader.

cryptocurrency analysis icon

Crypto analysis classes

Crypto analysis is synonymous with cryptocurrency trading. It is vital for every trader to have at least a basic knowledge of fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis has to do with the news, both positive and negative that has to do with each digital currency. Fundamental analysis may be broad, and they have a dramatic influence on the price of any asset.

Technical analysis involves the use of charts, indicators, and algorithms to predict the price movement of cryptocurrencies. Technical analysis lets us see the activities of the buyers and sellers, and make you detect where the market is either overbought or oversold.

Crypto analysis may not come easy for new traders due to its complexity. However, we at iMi believe each of our students should be armed with all they need right from the beginning. But this should not be troubling, as we help you structure the pace of your learning so you can assimilate, and apply what you learn while you trading. Take the bold step and register for our crypto analysis classes.


Other videos on trading cryptocurrencies

At iMi, we have a dynamic approach to our classes and product offerings in general. We update our content on a regular basis to cover additional training that is broadly beneficial to any prospective trader. 

You can access our free cryptocurrency webinar at any time on our website including the following on-demand webinars:

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet poster

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet – How to Use Ledger Nano

In this Bitcoin Hardware Wallet tutorial, we give you a step by step instruction on how to use a Ledger Nano device together with its Ledger Live software.

bitcoin wallet tutorial

Bitcoin Wallet – Ledger Nano S Tutorial

In this bitcoin wallet tutorial, you will learn how to set up the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. To buy, store, sell, trade, and invest in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin basics for beginners webinar

Bitcoin Basics – Webinar

In this webinar we explain what bitcoin is and how bitcoin works in detail. A great starting point for beginners.

Crypto Trading Risk Management

05 Copy Trading

The Place of Copy Trading Courses for Beginners

Have you ever heard of the term Copy Trading? If yes, then great! But if you have not, it is important we mention this as it may be an easy path for new cryptocurrency traders. Copy Trading helps individuals to copy the moves or trading strategies of a professional trader. This way, the copy-trader is saved from the stress of combining the various market analysis while picking a trade. 

Copy Trading is built on trust and it has its advantages in the digital currency ecosystem. One of these is that newcomers are shielded from dealing with the extreme volatilities of cryptocurrencies. The experts being copied understands the space the more, and are likely to channel their strategies based on their knowledge of the ecosystem, and the coin pair as a whole. Besides piecing the fundamentals together, the expert is vast in technical analysis, the use of charts, and other algorithms to determine the price trends. 

There are platforms with dedicated modules for copy trading in the digital currency ecosystem today. The catch is simple, and that is to attract the growing number of new traders or investors in the space. While we at iMi Blockchain can help you analyze each Copy Trading platform by its merits, fundamentally, the question we help you answer is, is copy trading right for you?

blockchain network Image
enterprise blockchain consulting and deployment services

Every platform will often market its offerings in an enticing way, as most care about trading commissions and not necessarily the trader. So we cannot choose to explore copy trading based on the promises from such outfits. Typically, your goals should be the main factor that should influence the first approach you explore to starting your crypto journey. What are your long-term goals? Are you into crypto just to test the waters without the desire to become proficient in trading? Or are you in the cryptocurrency industry for the long haul?

Let us assume you want to be a proficient trader, in the long run, it is worth noting that every expert with a strategy being tested started from somewhere. With the right knowledge and patience, you can grow to become like them too. The truth is that no one can truly predict the market with 100 percent accuracy, and as such, these experts to are prone to mistakes.

Should you decide to explore Copy Trading, it will be good to try it out with credible platforms, but be prepared for the uncertainties also.

06 Manage risks

Courses on risk management in trading

Every cryptocurrency trading engagement must be accompanied by a proper risk management strategy. Unlike the traditional stock market in which the investment reference is in the US Dollar, the crypto space has no particular reference. All digital currencies are unique in their own ways. The sharp volatilities in crypto also imply that there is a more dire need to manage your money and trading portfolio so as no to get them wiped off in losses.

Risk management is anything you do to limit the chances of losing your funds. While iMi experts have the best risk management strategies to share with you, the succeeding point should be your guiding principle. Invest or trade the most solid projects in the crypto space!

Because the digital currency ecosystem is still not well regulated, anyone can launch a cryptocurrency at will. The evolution of smart contracts, and Automated Market Makers (AMMs) has also encouraged the proliferation of these tokens. If you invest in a token with no legitimate use case, you stand the risk of losing your money, if the project loses liquidity.

While some altcoins offer a very high rate of returns in general, those new to trading can stick with the most established coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and others. Should there be a massive price drop, with these, you are sure that with time, you may recoup your capital back. To get first-hand training on risk management for beginners, hop on board and connect with iMi experts today.

android ios mobile app creation

Vital Price Tracking Tools

To stay very updated and productive in your crypto trading adventure, you will need some tools in your quiver. One of the most indispensable is your price aggregation tools. These may either be one of the price aggregation platforms such as CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and CoinPaprika amongst others, or a price charting tool as provided by TradingView. 

The essence of these is to check the price actions of almost every digital currency in real-time. As a trader or investor, you will likely have one or two cryptocurrencies in your portfolio, as a new trader, these price tracking tools will help you stay informed and when to cushion your portfolio against losses if need be. 

Some price tools may be difficult to use, but attaining proficiency in some takes time. By pitching your tent with iMi Academy, we will show you how to utilize these tools, and how you can use them to assess projects, exchanges, and trends to your advantage.

We will show you how to connect your bank account, debit, or credit card with any tool you like to use. Then we make sure you are using cryptography to secure your cryptocurrency.

Key Takeaway

As we have seen, cryptocurrency trading can be a handful for those new to the space. While the transition may be smoother for those coming from the stock market, the intricacies of the digital currency ecosystem and trading must be learned and understood. iMi Academy is here to help anyone get on the right footing through our specialized crypto trading classes. 

Many learn by experiencing events by themselves while some learn from the experiences of others. We recommend learning from iMi experts, as it can considerably save you time, stress, and capital.

Not sure where to start your crypto training? Try our best cryptocurrency trading course:

If you have tried to do some research about crypto trading by yourself, you will understand how deep it can get. It is not news that there is numerous information to grasp and process within the blockchain ecosystem. Moving from the basics to cryptocurrency trading can be even more complicated. At iMi, we understand that these can be a lot for those new to the space to handle.

Based on this, we recommend everyone interested in getting into the crypto trading space should start with our free Bitcoin basics training. By knowing the basics of the first digital currency, you will get a broad overview of blockchain and crypto in general. Then you can decide if crypto is what you’d love to explore in detail. Click on the image below to enroll in our premium course absolutely for free!

Bitcoin basics for beginners webinar

Bitcoin Basics – Webinar

In this webinar we explain what bitcoin is and how bitcoin works in detail. A great starting point for beginners.

This is the best cryptocurrency course for you if:

  • You are keen on knowing more about blockchain technology
  • You are interested in learning cryptocurrency trading
  • You are a trader but want to understand the fundamentals of training the more
  • You want to maximize the profitability in your crypto trading adventure, and if;
  • You need professional certification for your knowledge or to broaden your network

Your trading career will take time to attain its full potential. While you will gain good traction with our cryptocurrency training courses, you may not become an expert overnight. In fact, while there are well-spelled-out disclaimers by many in the crypto game, the true success you record will be dependent on your personal efforts. Choose us to be your guide as we chart a profitable path for your bitcoin and crypto trading course adventure.