Expert Bitcoin Future Predictions: Projected Value 20 Years & Beyond

bitcoin in the future

What will the future of Bitcoin be like? Does Bitcoin have a future at all? And in value terms, what will Bitcoin be worth in 2022 and beyond? Certainly, cryptocurrency investors and holders of digital assets are always looking for Bitcoin price predictions.

Just the other day we wrote about the current situation of blockchain technology. Today we would like to talk about Bitcoin, the giant of the financial crypto market, in detail. Many continue to speculate on the future of the cryptocurrency that made the US Dollar controlled Fiat financial markets and the central banks shake.

Do you own Bitcoin already? Or maybe you’re just thinking about investing in Bitcoin? How about the numerous alternative cryptocurrencies popularly called altcoins? Do not worry, we’ll keep you covered. In this article, you will read all about the current status and future pricing predictions. We asked the top 15 experts to give us their proven predictions about the future of bitcoin value in terms of its price performance.

For absolute beginners, we recommend reading our article “What is Bitcoin” before you dig deeper into today’s subject. First, let’s start with today’s price and the latest cryptocurrency news around this virtual currency. Then we can move on to what we can learn from these for the future of Bitcoin.

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Today’s Bitcoin Price (USD)

Bitcoin Price Today in US Dollars. This BTC price chart provides the current value of the world’s leading cryptocurrency in real-time.

bitcoin price chart 04-22

By the way, CoinGecko is providing real-time, accurate, and unbiased data about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can even manage your portfolio, research fundamentals of new projects, and evaluate the safest exchanges to trade by using their proprietary Trust Score algorithm.

As we can see, the Bitcoin price chart is still very volatile in 2022. The financial market for cryptocurrencies works a bit differently than any other. Let’s look back! On November 20th, 2015, Bitcoin (BTC) got indexed as other stocks. We remember the days when one Bitcoin was worth 327.00 USD. Finally reached its highest peak on December the 15th, 2017. The BTC value was US$19,650.01. Wow! The market and even professional investors went crazy when the cryptocurrency price attained its new ATH above $64,000 in April 2021.

However, in December 2018, the Bitcoin price chart dropped significantly. Many people lost 85% or even more of their capital invested in Bitcoins. We remember the bottom 1 BTC was worth a bit more than $3,000.

In June 2019, the heat was on again. The Bitcoin price chart raised up to another mountain peak. The renewed rise has surprised all skeptics. But at $11,865 the zenith was reached again. Since then, the Bitcoin price had leveled around $7 to $8k.

February 2020, the rally seems to start again. The Bitcoin price chart shows us continuous growth of over $10,300, and in 2021, the price of Bitcoin attained the highest peak of $67,500 per coin. In 2022 we have a milder up and down with a high peak in February at $47,465. Hence, there is a lot of room for growth again.


Enough talking about the history and current situation of Bitcoin. Now, more important, let’s have a look at the Wheel of Fortune! What will happen to Bitcoin in 2022? What price will we see in 2030? We have asked 14 experts to give us their predictions of the future of Bitcoin based on their market involvement and experience.

Bitcoin future price: Bitcoin projection for the next 10 years

Analyzing Bitcoin on the wheel of fortune is tough. Who doesn’t want to know how cryptocurrencies will perform? No one is an expert at forecasting the future with certainty, especially in a market with extreme volatility. But there is a slight tendency among crypto experts to predict a positive growth trend. The main reason why the Bitcoin on the wheel of fortune looks great is based on the following fact:


The main reason behind the development of the Bitcoin blockchain was to help humans regain financial freedom, privacy, and security. With that said: The human race will never allow cryptocurrencies to disappear again based on the exposure to their capability in recent years in making many people billionaires.

bitcoin price trend 2030
Logarithmic scaling of historical BTC prices and future price predictions

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Man strives for freedom. Especially when others try to exclude them or to prevent them from increasing their own wealth. Governments, banks, and other institutions have always tried hard to exclude certain people from gaining wealth. 

If a system tries to exclude or discriminate against certain people, then people always create ways around such systems. That’s why new technologies like Blockchain make it easy for us. But now, let’s hear what experts saying about the future of Bitcoin as it relates to its price and projected valuations.

10 Experts on the Future of Bitcoin

bitcoin price prediction 2020

Given that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, it is advisable to learn a thing or two about it. Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a man who goes by the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. Unlike fiat currency like the United States Dollar, there is no assigned value behind the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin transactions can be done instantly and without any intermediary. Before reading our reliable Bitcoin price prediction, you should get some Bitcoins first. 

Getting Bitcoins can be done in many ways. You can either purchase it from trusted cryptocurrency exchanges, or you can mine it directly. The latter is very expensive to do, but you can subscribe to Bitcoin cloud mining providers if you so wish.

Having acquired your Bitcoins, you can then follow our top 10 expert Bitcoin price predictions for 2022 to 2030.

Anthony Pompliano’s Bitcoin price prediction for 2022 is $100,000

Anthony Pompliano

According to Anthony Pompliano, BTC/USD will reach $100,000 by 2022. The respected Bitcoin enthusiast is the founder of a crypto-friendly asset management company called Morgan Creek Digital.

Citibank’s Bitcoin prognosis for 2022 is $120,000


American multinational investment bank and financial services corporation, Citibank is also positive about the future of Bitcoin. The banking giant projects a $120,000 top for Bitcoin by 2022.

Bobby Lee Says Bitcoin will Rise to $333k and Fall to $41k

Bobby Lee

China’s first exchange CEO Bobby Lee said it will take 20 years for the BTC to reach $1 million. In his future price prediction, he correctly predicted that the value will increase in 2020. Lee believes Bitcoin reach $333,000 in 2022. Then the coin will fall back to $41,000 in 2023.

Mark Yusko’s Bitcoin forecast for 2030 is $500,000

Mark Yusko

Mark Yusko was a Bitcoin skeptic for ages. Now, as CEO and CIO at Morgan Creek Capital Management, he saw that Bitcoins hyper-bullish rally is ongoing. His short-term Bitcoin price prediction is set at $100,000 and $500,000 by 2030. Also, Mark Yusko believes that Bitcoin will reach gold equivalence in the near future.

Jeremy Liew’s Bitcoin price forecast for 2030 is $500,000

Jeremy Liew

Jeremy Liew also predicted that the value of Bitcoin will reach $500,000 by 2030. He is a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners and is also the brain behind Snapchat.

Crypto Research Report Forecasts $397k in 2030

cryptoresearch report

According to the renowned Crypto Research Report, the price of Bitcoin is on track to hit $397,000 by 2030. At this valuation, Bitcoin will arguably be one of the most valuable assets in the world.

John Pfeffer Gives $700k Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2030

John Pfeffer

John Pfeffer is a partner at Pfeffer Capital. He always backs up his predictions with mathematics. John’s statement was straightforward: “Bitcoin becomes the dominant non-sovereign store of value. The new gold or new reserve currency.” At its peak, John believes Bitcoin will surge to $700,000 per coin by the year 2030.

Philip Swift Sees a Price Range Between $92k and $137k in 2023


Philip Swift believes that Bitcoin’s price will be between $92,000 and $137,000 in October 2023. However, he argues that given that Bitcoin is an early asset, there’s a higher number of risks that make it hard to predict. He says that if the previous cycles continue to play out in the future, this is the exact period when BTC/USD will hit that level.

The Winklevoss Twins Predict $500k

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are the twin stars in the cryptocurrency market. As one of the earliest Bitcoin investors, together, they have gained more than $1 billion in net wealth by BTC. Both twins who are the founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange believe Bitcoin will break the $500 price mark in no distant time.

John McAfee’s Value Prediction

John Mcafee

As we could list more experts predicting a price value between 0 and 1 million USD, we’d like to share John McAfee’s thoughts. John is a very controversial figure within the crypto industry. He recently stated that Bitcoin is an ancient technology and is our future for sure. Furthermore, he strongly believes that other FIAT currencies will devalue which will eventually support the growth of Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Future Value Prediction from our Experts

bitcoin price in 2030

Furthermore, we have also asked our experts to give us their bitcoin future predictions. On top of that, they will answer some of the hottest questions related to the BTC price in long term.

Does Bitcoin have a future at all?

Citi Group noted that institutional investors driving more interest in Bitcoin. The acceptance is increasing and is about to be used by the mainstream.

David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple mentioned that Bitcoin has such extensive media coverage, it will bring an explosion of low-cost and high-speed payment systems. This will transform value exchange just the same way the Internet transformed information technology.

We should be aware that Bitcoin is the very first but not the only network, said Marcel Isler, CEO of iMi Blockchain. Hence, we see increased demand for newer and better solutions to exchange assets. Bitcoin has a great brand value and helps to push other cryptocurrencies and new network solutions to mainstream applications.

What will Bitcoin be worth in 10 years?

What will bitcoin be worth in 2030? We have asked more experts to give us their honest predictions. Is there a limit to growth? Let’s have a look.

Chamath Palihapitiya, co-owner of Golden State Warriors has predicted that the Bitcoin price will reach $1 million. If not in 2030 then 2037 latest. Like many other experts, Chamath mentioned that Bitcoin has the potential to compare with the value of gold.

The founder and CEO of Xapo, Wences Casares, also believes that Bitcoin could hit one million dollars in the next 5 to 10 years.

What will Bitcoin be worth in 20 years?

What will bitcoin be worth in 2040? That answer might be impossible to answer. Still, we hear from Bitcoin evangelists that the price is only one factor. Another important factor will be its market size. Therefore, let’s see what experts predict for Bitcoin’s market cap in 20 years.

Andy Edstrom, wealth manager at WESCAP, made a prediction in February 2020 that Bitcoin would reach an $8 trillion market cap. Edstrom believes Bitcoin will become the global default currency.

Standpoint researcher Ronnie Moas projects a lower value in market capitalization. Ronnie believes that the market cap of all cryptocurrencies will reach $2 trillion within the next 10 to 20 years.

Will Bitcoin ever disappear, and if so why would it?

Bitcoin will never disappear! The network is here and as long as miners use it, Bitcoin cannot disappear. If all miners would stop using the network, then Bitcoin could disappear. In all likelihood, however, this will never happen. Miners have invested billions of dollars in infrastructure.

Marcel Isler explained it to us in very simple terms:

While the Bitcoin network will not disappear its value could always be zero. Even the US-Dollar can crash and become worthless. The value of any currency is linked to belief.

How much will bitcoin be worth in 2030 & beyond? Other bitcoin price predictions

As we have heard, the estimated price of Bitcoin in 2030 and beyond will be high. Very high in fact. Now, we would like to take the opportunity to share our thoughts. So what will happen to Bitcoin in 2030? What the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will look like amid constant fluctuations?

One thing is for sure! Crypto technology will define our life in the future. We will be able to earn, save, spend, and engage in Bitcoin trading as we like. Easy and simple. New application developments are already being implemented.

ING Bank says Bitcoin interest to double

UBS, the leading Swiss investment bank replaces Sergio Ermotti with Ralph Hamers as their new CEO. Ralph is well known as the former CEO of the Dutch ING bank. But Ralph is even better known as THE digital banker. Seems like the rather dusty Board of Directors at UBS has finally noticed in which direction the blockchain technology is moving us. Lower costs and clients’ freedom to use Bitcoin instead of over-regulated FIAT currencies leave traces everywhere.

Goldman Sachs is expecting huge institutional demand for Bitcoin

Additionally, multinational banks including Goldman Sachs & Co, and Morgan Stanley to mention a few are also joining the ecosystem. They are notably seeking avenues to offer Bitcoin and cryptocurrency services to their clients.

Our prediction at iMi Blockchain of what the future of Bitcoin will look like in 2030 is quite clear:


Bitcoin is the future, are you investing?

the future of cryptocurrency

A lot has been said about Bitcoin in this article, but do other cryptocurrencies also have a future?

Generally, all cryptocurrencies rely heavily on Bitcoin. If we look into price charts of Altcoins, such as Litecoin, Ether, or EOS, then we see similar price developments. If the Bitcoin goes up, the others go up too. If the giant drops, so do the others. However, some altcoins occasionally break away from this dominance effect being wielded by Bitcoin.

The altcoin market is now very diversified with several tokens being launched every other week. There are about 7,000 cryptocurrencies today, and while many will fade out, those with good use cases will survive. 

These use cases vary based on the market each token is designed to revolutionize. 

In general, the future of cryptocurrencies, as well as that of Bitcoin is bright.

Bitcoin Prognosis – 2022 Analysis

Bitcoin prognosis is omnipresent, fueled by a dynamic revolution that is just started. Hence, the revolutionary strides of Bitcoin to lead the numerous digital currencies (altcoins) in a bid to usher in a new financial ecosystem always generate a lot of newsworthy activities. 

The current push by Bitcoin to journey into the mainstream adoption cycle has not been unnoticed by the mainstream media such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit among others. 

As we have in the forex market, and like any other digital coin including Ethereum, and Ripple, Bitcoin has grown in utility globally and is now broadly exchanged or used to buy goods and services. The ticker symbol BTC, as well as the Bitcoin logo, is now found everywhere, in all news updates around the globe.

Let us review the latest Bitcoin trends in 2022, to see where the crypto giant is moving to:

Top 4 Factors Influencing Bitcoin Price

On May 17th, Gary Gensler was sworn in as the Chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). While Gensler will oversee the broader market, his ascension will affect the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general.

Gensler will lead the market regulator for 4 years until 2026. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is happy about Gensler coming into the scene. Many now look up to him to provide the right regulations to help crypto innovations thrive.

Bitcoin Value is increasing due to ETF Demand

As the BTC price continues to soar, the asset became more attractive as a safeguard against inflation, many want to gain exposure to the coin. As US laws are still unclear, many investors are pressing the SEC to approve its first Bitcoin ETF application. Currently, there are more than 9 ETF applications filed with the US SEC to date.

On the global scene, other countries including Canada, and Switzerland have already approved their first Bitcoin ETF products. This reality is responsible for stirring the demand for similar approval from the American regulator.

BTC Rally is driven by Institutional Investors

Institutional or corporate investors are now taking more interest in Bitcoin than before. While 2020 marked the point of entry into Bitcoin for these classes of investors, a new standard was set in 2022.

Tesla has invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, and other firms including Chinese tech firm Meitu, and payment giant Square are also buying up. Today, more investors are rushing to buy Bitcoin through hedge funds such as Grayscale. In all, the Coinbase exchange went public and began trading on the stock market, a move that is poised to draw in more institutional investors.

Bitcoin Price: A New ATH Above $64,000 Was Set

A feather to all the major positive news about Bitcoin is its growth in price. The cryptocurrency has recorded a new all-time high (ATH) price record above $64,000. All the accumulated interest and investor buyup of the cryptocurrency helped it in attaining this milestone.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

What are your thoughts about the future of Bitcoin? Where do you see the future price of Bitcoin? Do you doubt that cryptocurrency is the future? Or do you agree with our expert predictions? Let us know what you believe and please leave a comment below. We love to hear from you!

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What will happen to Bitcoin in the future?

Bitcoin may become the new Gold. As most experts agree, the market capitalization of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies goes beyond old-fashioned investment options.

Why is Bitcoin the future of money?

Bitcoin like other cryptocurrencies is giving you the freedom of how you hold and send your assets. No bank account is needed anymore. Meaning, everyone all over the world can own a crypto account. Limitless freedom.

Is Bitcoin safe and legal?

Bitcoin is legal but never safe. As with any other currency, the value of Bitcoin is volatile. Actually, very volatile.

Can I trust Bitcoin Reddit Predictions?

According to a majority of Reddit users, Bitcoin will have a bright future. Most comments on Reddit shows, that consumers do trust cryptocurrencies more than any bank. But the Reddit community usually lacks expertise. Most users simply try to push what they have invested in.

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