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Blockchain Swiss Made!

What about us? We are one of the leading Distributed Ledger Technology firms in Switzerland.





about blockchain process architects
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Blockchain Process Architects

Do you want enhanced IT security? Improved traceability and transparency? Do you need to increase efficiency and reduce IT costs? Consequently, iMi is exactly the partner you need.

iMi is a leading international block chain company based in Switzerland.

We offer outstanding services to make you fit for the future. In our world it’s all about Distributed Ledger Technology, Enterprise Consulting, Education for individuals, and Coding Blocks

Together we analyze your current situation and your business needs, then finally the implementation of distributed ledger technology. Learn from the best global IT Experts.

03 Best in class

Why iMi Blockchain?

What can we say about us? Well, we combine many positive Swiss characteristics under one roof. We are

and absolutely trustworthy

Our service is comprehensive. We understand your business. We know your needs. Most noteworthy, our approach is outstanding and unique. Because it is crucial to have a clear understanding of a proper strategy, our planning and implementation process is state of the art. Hence, you can trust us that we do not sweet talk but deliver results that work. Practicable blockchain businesses cases or nothing. Why choose us?

enterprise blockchain consulting and deployment services


First of all, our team consists of not only blockchain and digitalization specialists, but market experts as well. We always create client teams with deep understanding of our customers environment and processes.

Big Data

Secondly, we also have good experience in big data mining and analyzation. A perfect blockchain architecture always consists of proper management of data. We guide you through the whole process.

Qualität First

Premium Services Swiss Made. This guarantee is what you get in every single stage of our cooperation. We are fast, precise, reliable and always on time. A cutting edge project planning and a phenomenal pace is ensured.


We are an international team of very experienced and accountable people. Some of us since 30 years in Management positions and since 2011 dedicated to blockchain technology.


Most people still believe that distributed ledger technology is not practicable. Which is absolutely not true. We have implemented many applications for different business cases.


Last but not least, you work with real professionals. Our team has working experience for decades. We’ve contributed to the core and help where we can. We’re quick and we understand.

04 Customer savvy

about Standardized Client Solutions

If you decide to implement a blockchain application it is key for you, to have a trustworthy partner. Even more important is that

you have digitalization experts who speak and understand your business´ language and processes.

 This is what iMi offers and we ensure your existing processes will not break. Blockchains do communicate within a peer-to-peer network. Asset exchanges must cooperate with your existing business and industry processes.

We at iMi follow best industry practices and follow standardized solutions when ever possible.

Furthermore, employees need user-friendly applications. We develop simple and easy surfaces for each application. Our Experts have great ideas and in-depth knowledge in the following industries:

Consumer Goods
Healthcare & Pharma
Real Estate

Client Testimonials -
about us

iMi is a very professional and reliable partner. Their efficiency is incredible.
wang wei imi blockchain client testimonials
Wang Wei
They became our major blockchain supplier and good friends on top!
laura mackency imi blockchain client testimonial
Laura Mackency
Head of Supply Chain
Their advice is absolutely client and market driven. They know what they're doing.
ralf kendall imi blockchain client testimonial
Ralf Kendall
Head Group IT
05 Team

Our Brand

Meet our team of brand ambassadors. We are all fully dedicated to distributed ledger technology. Working hard every day to stay best in class. In detail, we collaborate perfectly. Mutual trust and respect is our winning factor. Furthermore, we are experts in completely different areas. In addition, we attend all global summits when it comes to latest technology updates. As a result, we are proud team of blockchain professionals:

marcel isler imi blockchain founder and ceo

Marcel Isler

vijay gaur imi ambassador

Vijay Gaur
CEO Markigence

dave nirav imi ambassador

Dave Nirav
CTO Capsicum

dave sheilandra imi ambassador
Dave Shailendra
CEO Mediaworks
denis griffiths

Denis Griffiths


We share our passion
and teach Blockchain

What is the best way to show our competence? Proof it, exactly. Furthermore, we believe in sharing is caring. Therefore we provide free webinars and tutorials. This way we can share our passion for the blockchain technology. If you and your team are serious in learning the basics or even more, then book a seat for 1:1 classes. For nerds who want to become real professionals we advice to take a full course in Blockchain technology. Rather online or offline is fully up to you.