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To become a blockchain programmer, you typically start to learn HTML together with CSS. The Cascading Style Sheet is not a programming language but the one who describes the presentation of a document. How HTML elements will look like in a web browser. If you have a blockchain and you want visitors to use it, you need to publish information on a website. To execute this, it’s required that you can code CSS. Now you can learn CSS the easy way.

This is:

✔ the perfect course to become a front-end developer
✔ a well structured and beginner friendly course
✔ for sure the best CSS course on the internet

Learn CSS code – Cascading Style Sheet Tutorial

This online course contains the best tutorial and training concepts from MIT, UCL, ETH Zurich, and the University of Oxford. It is a great starting point for future coders who want to learn blockchain programming. This online course is designed for non-technical beginners or professionals, who are tasked to build their own websites. In this course we go beyond CSS coding. Hence, we look at the history and the future of CSS code.

Why this CSS course and what you will learn

✔ CSS basics
✔ CSS Syntax
✔ CSS Selectors
✔ CSS Colors
✔ CSS Display
✔ CSS 3D Transforms

✔ CSS Responsive
✔ CSS Grid
✔ CSS Videos
✔ CSS Container
✔ CSS Examples
✔ CSS Snippets
✔ CSS Exercises

Your Job opportunities

This course is your door opener in the tech industry. CSS is the basic for web development. After this CSS course, you can create stunning websites and design user-friendly interfaces. Some common job titles you’ll be able to apply for are: Web Designer, Web Developer, Front-End Developer, UI/UX Designer, and more.


This course covers all of the fundamentals – no prior knowledge is required. Be aware that this course is appropriate for technology professionals. People who want to gain deeper understanding of technical implementation or in-depth programming level should start with this course. This is NOT an overview course and does contain programming exercises.


Around 40 hours to complete whit additional 10 hours self studying time.


This course is in English only. As a future blockchain developer you must have basic knowledge of the English language. Otherwise, you can also try using a translator.


This is THE ULTIMATE COURSE FOR CSS Beginners – Learn everything about CSS coding. Gain this knowledge to build your own website or upgrade your CV by documenting your CSS knowledge with the iMi Academy “CSS Certification”. Join thousands of certified developers that trusted the iMi Academy to jumpstart their careers. While your competitors might already implement websites it’s about time for you too to move on. Set yourself up for success and learn all concepts. This is the course you’ll need to thrive know-how about CSS coding and how to implement it in your company!

CSS Course Format

✔ Online Course with live Instructor
✔ Join our Academy with over 60,000 students
✔ Detailed instructions included
✔ Code examples included
✔ Final Test to get certified

✔ Chat with Instructor & Students
✔ Final Diploma Test
✔ Certified CSS Diploma
✔ Unrestricted lifelong access
✔ Access from mobile/tablet or TV

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Learn Cascading Style Sheet Coding
learn css coding

Learn how to code the Cascading Style Sheet - CSS Tutorial for Beginners and Pros with Certification.

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Course Workload: PT50H

Start Date: 2023-12-12

End Date: 2024-12-12

Duration: PT40H

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