Top Companies Using Distributed Ledger Technology

top companies using distributed ledger technology

The world is changing, especially how we handle information. There’s a new thing called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that helps businesses keep their information safe and organized. When people talk about it, they often mention something called Blockchain.

In this article, we’ll talk about what DLT and Blockchain are, why they’re important, and how they’re helping big areas like banking, shopping, hospitals, and even governments. We’ll also tell what companies use distributed ledger technology and invest in upcoming startups. These blockchain companies find it useful because it makes things safer, faster, and clearer for everyone.

In the end, we’ll also talk about a cool service called Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and some new things happening in the world of DLT. We’ll also discuss some challenges these companies might face when using this technology.

Introduction to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Before we look at top companies using distributed ledger technology, let’s explain what is DLT in short. DLT is a new way to save and manage information online. Think of it like a shared notebook where everyone can see and trust what’s written. This method keeps data safe and lets companies work more smoothly. By using this technology, businesses can update how they work and be better in today’s digital world.

introduction to dlt blockchain and cryptocurrencies

DLT and Blockchain have the potential to bring a lot to the table. More so, you can use blockchain in different use cases such as supply chain, healthcare, government, insurance, banking, real estate, and many more.

The Evolution of DLT, Crypto, and Blockchain Tech

Distributed ledger technology is like a special way of keeping records that started with digital money, like Bitcoin. Imagine a chain where each link is like a box of information. That’s how Blockchain, which is a kind of DLT, works. The history of distributed ledger technology started in 1976 when Diffie and Hellman introduced the concept of public-key cryptography. With the evolution of DLT, not just money businesses but also places like hospitals and shops are looking at how they can use it.

Some big names you might hear about are Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, both of which are popular cryptocurrencies. DLT helps businesses stay safe and work better. There’s a big group called Enterprise Ethereum Alliance where businesses talk about using this new cryptocurrency. And guess what? A big study in 2018 said that almost all big public companies are trying out this enterprise blockchain thing! This is why future trends in distributed ledger technology are so amazing.

Why Companies Using Distributed Ledger Technology?

DLT is like a special kind of digital record-keeping. Here’s why top companies using distributed ledger technology:

  1. No Middlemen: It lets people trade or share things directly without needing someone in the middle to help.
  2. Safe and Secure: Once data is saved using DLT, it’s super hard to change or tamper with. It’s like writing in pen instead of pencil.
  3. Automatic Deals: Imagine making a deal where everything happens automatically. Like if you had a robot lemonade stand that gives lemonade as soon as it gets the money. That’s what smart contracts in DLT are like.
  4. See Everything in Real-time: Businesses can watch things happen instantly and openly. It’s like tracking your pizza delivery in real time!
  5. Sharing with Privacy: Companies can share their data safely, kind of like telling a secret but making sure only the right person hears it.

So, distributed ledger technology is a big deal because it helps businesses do things faster, safer, and more openly!

How DLT is Revolutionizing Industries

DLT is changing many industries by making things clearer and safer. It helps businesses work faster and more honestly. This revolution is why companies use distributed ledger technology. So what companies use DLT? Hospitals are using it to keep patient records safe. Governments are looking into it to help people better. Technologies like Blockchain and others are being used more. Many companies are using DLT to keep up with today’s digital world. The way it affects businesses is big and keeps growing.

how dlt is revolutionizing industries

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DLT in Finance

blockchain in banking and finance

DLT is making big changes in the money world. It makes buying and selling things faster and safer. Some businesses are using it to set up new ways to pay, while others use it to make financial tasks simpler and cheaper. Firms that handle investments are using this technology to keep better track of things, and banks are checking it out to make sending money to other countries easier. Thanks to DLT, the money world can do things faster, more safely, and with less manual work. In this sector, all top companies use distributed ledger technology.

DLT in Supply Chain Management

dlt benefit supply chain tracability and provenance

DLT is like a new way of keeping track of things that’s super safe and clear for everyone involved. Imagine being able to follow where your new shoes came from, every step of the way, from the start to when they reach you. Companies are using DLT to do just that! It helps make sure things are real and not fake and lets everyone see the whole process. This makes businesses work better and helps people trust them more.

DLT in Healthcare

blockchain use in the healthcare and pharma sector

DLT can really change how healthcare works. It helps keep patient information safe and easy to share. This means doctors can see your health records when needed, but your info stays private. Plus, it helps make sure the medicines we get are real and not fake. With DLT, patients have more say about their health data. It can also make tests and studies in hospitals more clear and trustworthy.

DLT in Government Services

e-voting with blockchain

Governments are looking at a new technology called DLT to improve how they work and make things clearer for everyone. This technology can help create safer voting systems where votes can’t be changed or messed with. It’s also being used to keep track of who owns land in a clear way. It can help keep personal IDs and other documents safe, so governments can help their citizens better. Plus, with DLT, when governments store or share documents, they can make sure no one changes them without permission.

DLT in Media and Entertainment (NFT)

dlt use case nft art media

DLT, or Distributed Ledger Technology, is like a shared digital notebook that keeps secure records of transactions. In the world of media and entertainment, it helps create something cool called NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFTs prove that a digital artwork or music file is original, making it special and valuable. It’s like having a collector’s item but in digital form!

What Companies Use Distributed Ledger Technology?

Many top companies use distributed ledger technology to make their work better. Think of DLT as a special computer diary where everyone can see the entries but can’t cheat or change them easily.

what companies using distributed ledger technology

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IBM is using it to help track items and make payments between countries smoother. Ripple Labs Inc. uses DLT to help people send money to other countries faster. Samsung uses it to keep track of products safely. Amazon is using it to keep its cloud information safe. And a company in Singapore, AIA Group, uses it to make insurance claims easier.

American Express Company, another prominent player in the financial industry, has also embraced blockchain technology. American Express has filed numerous patents over the years and remains one of the most active banks to set its eyes on Distributed blockchain payment systems. The Bank has filed numerous blockchain-based proof-of-payment technology, marking the latest in a string of blockchain investments for American Express.

Wells Fargo & Company, the US-based bank, carried out a Blockchain pilot back in 2016 with the Commonwealth Bank in Australia. Up to this date, the Bank continues to experiment with DLT and has also partnered with R3, whilst also applying for several blockchain-related patents.

All these companies are using distributed ledger technology in cool ways to make things better in their businesses.

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IBM – Hyperledger IoT

IBM is a big company that has been around since 1911 and is now leading the way in something called Distributed Ledger Technology, which is a special way to keep and share records. Think of it as a digital notebook that many people can write in at once, but no one can erase or change what’s been written. IBM uses a type of DLT called Hyperledger Fabric to streamline its business processes. This helps businesses work better by keeping track of things like where their products are or how money is being spent. IBM is working with other companies to spread the use of it and make many industries better.

Along with IBM, Maersk is also working with blockchain technology to streamline its supply chain management. But to do that, they are using blockchain-based IoT systems to get transparency in the platform. Using IoT devices, every single process will be online and connected to the platform. So, it’ll be easy to track their conditions.

Ripple Labs Inc.

Ripple Labs Inc. is a leading company that uses blockchain technology to make sending money across countries faster and cheaper. They use digital money called XRP to help with this. Ripple’s platform lets banks and businesses send money instantly and manage their money better. This is changing how traditional money systems work. Many companies and banks around the world are interested in using Ripple’s tools to make their money transfers quicker and more efficient. In simple terms, Ripple is helping businesses do things better with the help of new technology. Ripple is a payment network using blockchain to transfer money all over the globe.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft, a big tech company making over $100 billion every year, is using a new technology called distributed ledger technology in different ways for their business. By using DLT, Microsoft is making things clearer and faster, showing other companies a good example. They are trying new things with this technology. Microsoft is showing how using blockchain, a type of distributed ledger, can change the way businesses work. Microsoft has launched several blockchain services and has been busy forging partnerships to further study DLT.

Microsoft is also partnering with ID2020 Alliance to bring together companies in the freight industry and develop a standards framework while testing out blockchain applications. This partnership demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to exploring the potential of crypto in various industries. Inc, based in the US, is a big online store that sold stuff worth $193.19 billion last year. They use something called “distributed ledger technology” to make their system work even better. This new system helps them show where things come from and makes everything run smoothly. By using this new tech, Amazon is showing how they can change the way we shop online, and they keep being one of the top companies doing cool things.

Intel Corporation

Intel, a big computer company in the US, made a huge profit of $64.03 billion recently. To make their data safer, they started using a special technology called distributed ledger technology. This helps keep their computer data safe and stops unwanted people from seeing private information. By using this new technology, Intel shows they really care about keeping digital data safe and private.

Walmart – Transparency for Trust

Walmart, a big store company in the US that sells a lot of stuff (over $500 billion worth!), is using a new tech called DLT to make sure they know where their products come from and how they move. This tech helps Walmart keep track of their stuff better, makes sure it’s real, and helps them manage their stock. By using this technology, Walmart shows they want to be modern and trustworthy. They’re leading the way and showing other stores how to do business better.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is using a special technology called distributed ledger to make its money transactions faster and safer. This cool technology is changing the way banks work and shows that the company really cares about new ideas. By using this technology, JPMorgan Chase & Co. is leading in the banking world, making things more efficient and secure. The Firm’s efforts to ensure that Quorum’s privacy architecture meets industry standards and its partnership with Microsoft are aimed at helping Quorum gain more widespread adoption among enterprises.

Siemens AG

Siemens, a big company known for making machines and equipment, is using a new technology called DLT to make their work better. By using it, Siemens can keep track of things more easily in their supply chain, which is like a big system of how they make and send out their products. This new tech helps Siemens save money, work faster, and show that they’re up-to-date with the latest tools. As Siemens keeps using DLT, they’re helping other businesses improve too.

Alphabet Inc. (Google)

Alphabet Inc., which is the big company that owns Google, is really interested in something called “distributed ledger technology.” Think of it as a super-safe way to keep track of information online. Alphabet (Google’s parent company) believes this technology is a big deal for the future. They’ve been working a lot with it and have even spent over $600 million to support projects related to it. According to a source named Blockdata, Alphabet has been the top spender in this area. This shows how much they believe in the power of this new technology.

Bank of America

Bank of America is using a new kind of technology to make its banking services better. This technology helps them make transactions faster and safer. By using this, Bank of America shows that they want to keep up with the latest digital trends and change the old ways of banking. This means in the future, banking could be even more secure and efficient.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

Alibaba, a big online shopping company, is using a cool new system called blockchain to make their website better and safer. This new system helps people trust online shopping more and makes the process of getting items to buyers clearer and faster. Because Alibaba is doing this, other companies might start using this new system too.

Toyota Motor Corp.

Toyota is looking into a new technology called distributed ledger technology to make cars smarter and more connected. They’re using this technology, similar to what’s in digital money like Bitcoin, to improve how cars talk to each other and manage information. This research is helping Toyota lead the way in making advanced cars and helping in the creation of self-driving cars. This means Toyota is helping change the future of driving and making it more modern and cool.

Samsung Electronics Co.

Samsung, big in consumer Electronics, is using a new system called distributed ledger technology to make its supply chain better in South Korea. This system, often called blockchain, helps Samsung keep track of things more clearly and make their work smoother. By using this technology, Samsung shows they want to be a leader in tech and see the good things it can bring. Other companies can look at Samsung’s choice and think about using this new system too.


Pfizer, a big medicine company, is looking into using a special technology called Distributed Ledger Technology for better health care. Think of it as a super-safe way to keep patient records and test results. Using this technology, Pfizer can make sure medicines are real and safe, and people can trust where they’re coming from. This shows Pfizer really cares about giving the best and safest medicines to everyone.


Nestle, a big food company, is using a new technology called DLT to see where their food comes from. This means they can follow their products from the farm all the way to our tables. By using this blockchain system, they make sure their food is real and good. This helps us know more about where our food comes from and how it’s made. Nestle wants to be sure they get their products the right way and let us trust them more. They hope to make the food world clearer and more honest.

Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

Royal Dutch Shell, a big energy company, is looking into how distributed ledger technology or blockchain can help in the oil and gas world. By using this technology, Shell hopes to make their supply chain work smoother and faster. This also makes things clearer and more honest in the energy business, helping them do things in a better way. Shell’s use of blockchain shows they want to bring in new ideas and solve problems. Using blockchain, Shell is trying to make the energy world safer and work better.

Apple Inc.

Apple, a big tech company, is looking into using something called distributed ledger technology. This technology can help make data more safe and private. Apple wants to make sure people trust the digital stuff they do. By using DLT, Apple is showing that they care about keeping users’ information private and safe. They are trying new things and leading the way in the tech world.

ING Group

The ING Group, a big financial institution around the world, is using a new kind of technology called distributed ledger technology to make their banking better. This is a fancy name for a system like the blockchain platform. By using this technology, ING Group can make things work faster, save money, and keep information safer. This new way of doing things lets them send money across countries faster and more safely. ING Group is showing they want to use the latest and best tools to help their customers. With this new technology, they are changing how banks work and making it better for people who use their services.

Ford Motor Company

Ford, a big car-making company, is looking into a new technology called distributed ledger technology or blockchain. They hope to use it to make things like shipping parts, keeping track of cars, and fixing cars better. By using this technology, everything can be clearer and work faster in the car world. Ford is using DLT because they want to try new things and be ahead in the car industry. With DLT, Ford can make big changes in how cars are made and used. Ford is also exploring the use of blockchain in collaboration with other companies in the freight industry, forming a consortium to develop a standards framework and test out blockchain applications.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Goldman Sachs, a big investment management firm that deals with money and investments, is using a new technology called DLT for asset management to make their work better. They’re using this technology, which is like a special kind of record-keeping system, to make things clearer and work faster. By using DLT for asset management, Goldman Sachs, like Galaxy Digital, is making sure they stay ahead in the world of money and banking. This new way can help make handling money safer and more organized. By doing this, they’re bringing new ideas to the money world.

Why Companies Using DLT Invest so Much Money??

Companies using distributed ledger technology invest a lot of money because it makes their work safer, clearer, and faster. This technology helps keep track of things better, protects private information, and brings new ideas. By using DLT, companies show they’re trying to keep up with today’s fast-changing tech world.

why companies using dlt invest so much money

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Enhancing Security with DLT

Top companies using distributed ledger technology to enhance security and transparency. It’s like a super-secure online notebook that keeps data safe. Think of it as a magic diary where once you write something, it can’t be changed or erased. This special diary uses codes and locks to keep bad people out. By using this, companies can keep their information safe, earn trust from people, and stay ahead in the online world. This technology helps businesses feel more secure and confident on the internet. Tradle is an example of a company that utilizes DLT to ensure the seamless transfer of KYC data to the next company when customers switch insurance providers.

Increasing Efficiency through DLT

Big companies using distributed ledger technology to work better and faster. It lets them do business directly without middlemen, which makes things quicker. It also helps reduce mistakes because a lot is done automatically. With DLT, companies can watch and check their business deals as they happen. Plus, it helps save money in managing how goods are moved and stored. Using DLT, companies can be better and keep up with new digital changes.

DLT for Transparent Operations

Top companies using distributed ledger technology in industrial operations such as Supply Chain. DLT is like a special kind of notebook that keeps track of all business deals and can’t be easily changed. It helps businesses show that they’re being honest and doing things the right way. When a company uses DLT, everyone can see and trust the records. This helps businesses prove they’re trustworthy and get along better with the people they work with. By using this technology, companies can make sure everyone knows they’re doing things fairly and correctly.

Introducing Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) helps companies use blockchain easily without having to make their own blockchain networks from scratch. Think of it like renting a tool instead of buying and building one. With BaaS, companies can make special blockchain systems that fit just what they need. Some companies offer this service so others don’t have to worry about the tough parts of setting up and looking after their blockchain networks. This helps businesses get started with blockchain faster and use its cool features to do better in their work.

introduction to blockchain as a service baas

Using BaaS lets companies take full advantage of what blockchain networks offer and make big changes in their field. In contrast, top companies use distributed ledger technology also because of its open-source character and these people will stay away from BaaS.

Key Providers of BaaS: ConsenSys on Ethereum

Let’s talk about a cool tech called distributed ledger technology and another one named blockchain solution. Think of them as special ways to keep and share data. There are big companies that help others use this tech, known as service providers. IBM has a safe and strong version. Ripple Labs Inc. helps with global money transfers using this tech. Amazon Web Services makes it easy to set up and use blockchain. Microsoft Azure has a version that can be used in many businesses. ConsenSys uses a type of blockchain called Ethereum to help big companies.

These big names help other businesses use this cool tech to do new and exciting things. OpenLedger is one such company that works with clients globally to build innovative blockchain solutions and products. It also enables them to utilize an existing blockchain solution to grow their businesses and lower expenses. OpenLedger creates new business tools for clients based on the revolutionary decentralized networks that can transform businesses. With Andersen, businesses can reduce costs, increase security, and streamline operations by implementing blockchain solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Emerging Trends in DLT

In the world of tech, companies are always looking for new ways to use a special system called distributed ledger technology, or DLT for short. It helps businesses keep track of things in many areas like making products or managing property. When they combine DLT with other cool tech like the Internet of Things (IoT) or artificial intelligence (AI), they can work even faster and smarter. There are groups of companies working together to come up with new ways to use this technology.

Even new companies are creating special DLT tools for different types of businesses. A lot of companies are starting to use it and it’s changing how businesses work around the world. One big company, Richline Group Inc., which has a link to Warren Buffett, is using this technology to see where jewelry comes from. They are also working with big insurance companies in China to see how best to use DLT.

What challenges might these companies face using DLT?

Using new technology like DLT can be hard for companies. They might have to spend a lot of money and teach their workers about it. Some laws might make it tricky in certain places. Making sure it works well with other systems and can handle lots of users is a challenge. Keeping data safe is very important. Telling people about the good and bad sides of DLT is also needed.


Distributed Ledger Technology is a new way to keep and share records. It’s like a digital notebook that lots of people can use at the same time. Many big companies, like IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon, are using DLT because it helps them work better and safer. There’s also something called Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) which helps businesses use it more easily.

But, like all new things, DLT has some problems. Some people worry about it growing too fast or not working with other systems. Even though there are some issues, many people believe that DLT will keep getting more popular, especially with cool new trends like tokenization and decentralized finance (DeFi).

In short, DLT is changing how companies work, and the big players are leading the way. The future looks exciting! If you want to become one of the top companies using distributed ledger technology, then consider contacting one of our experts. We can train you, advise you, and help you get it done.

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Who uses distributed ledger technology?

Distributed ledger technology, like blockchain, is like a digital notebook that many people can write in at the same time, but can’t easily erase or change what’s been written. Banks use it to keep track of money being sent or received. Companies use it to keep an eye on their products from the factory to the store. Doctors use it to keep patient records safe. Governments use it for things like making sure votes in an election are counted properly. It’s also the magic behind digital money like Bitcoin. Even charities use it to show where donated money goes.

How many major companies are actually using blockchain?

Big companies like IBM, Walmart, and Microsoft are using a special technology called blockchain to make things work better and safer. It helps them track items, handle money, and protect information. Many more companies are expected to use it in the future because it’s useful and efficient.

Can Startups use DLT?

Yes, startups can use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It’s like a shared digital notebook where everyone can see and agree on data. Startups find it helpful for things like tracking items or ensuring honesty in transactions. It can give them an edge in the business world.

Is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency using DLT?

Yes, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses Distributed Ledger Technology. Think of DLT as a digital notebook shared among many people. Everyone has a copy, and when someone makes a note (like sending Bitcoin), everyone’s notebook is updated. This ensures everyone sees the same information and can’t easily cheat.

Can I combine AI and DLT?

Absolutely! AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is like a smart robot that can think and learn. DLT, or Distributed Ledger Technology, is like a special notebook that many people can use at the same time and trust it’s not changed unfairly. Together, they can make systems smarter and more trustworthy!

Marcel Isler

Marcel Isler

Marcel is a Business Economist and founder of iMi Blockchain. A Consultant and international Keynote Speaker. He studied at the University of Oxford. He helps enterprises to implement Blockchain applications. On our blog, he writes about distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, industry news, and future trends.