How To Get Free Bitcoins Fast: 15 Best Ways To Earn Free BTC

how to get free bitcoins

Ever seen the words, “How to get free Bitcoins?” Nowadays, there are digital coins like Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin that are growing fast, just like BTC. Lots of people wondering how to get free Bitcoins without paying for it.

Getting any of these coins for free isn’t easy. You might have to work for it or spend some money. In this article, we’ll talk about ways to get BTC. But first, let’s talk about the main way people make BTC: It’s called mining!

Is free Bitcoin mining possible?

When we check out the newest Bitcoin price prediction, you can forebode and we can show you how profitable Bitcoin mining works. It looks like making money through it is still a good idea. Crypto mining is a special way to get this type of digital money. However, is there a way for free Bitcoin mining? Not really. But when people get BTC this way, it’s like a thank you for helping the ecosystem work well. It’s important to note that Bitcoin mining requires huge consumption, expensive equipment, high electricity costs, and a lot of space to carry out mining operations.

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Whenever someone does something with BTC, it gets recorded in a big digital book called the blockchain. Then, some people called miners to check and to make sure everything was correct. They use really strong computers to do math problems and make sure the info is right. For doing this job, miners get some virtual currency. They keep this virtual currency safe in a Bitcoin hardware wallet. If you want, you can start mining too, but you’ll need a strong computer that supports the proof-of-stake protocol.

Bitcoin Mining Farm

As there is no free Bitcoin mining, actually, it can be pricey. You need money for machines and a lot of power. There is no Bitcoin mining without investment. But, there are different methods to mine without spending too much. We’ll discuss them below:

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Bitcoin cloud mining

For cloud mining, you’re joining a group of miners or just investing money. However, many people lose money because some cloud mining companies are scams and pose security risks. Also, the BTC price can change quickly. If you think about cloud mining, be careful and plan well. Remember, BTC prices can go up and down a lot, impacting the payouts you receive from mining.

Become a Bitcoin Miner

Want to be a Bitcoin miner? You just need some equipment and software. But remember, it’s harder now than before. Back then, you could easily earn BTCs with your home computer. Now, there’s tough competition.

how to earn bitcoin with mining

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To make money with Bitcoin mining, you need strong computers. These computers use a lot of electricity. So, it’s best to mine BTC if you have green energy or if electricity is cheap where you live.

Use Bitcoin-Mining-Pools

Bitcoin mining pool

BTC miners join groups called mining pools. The bigger the group, the better the chance to earn Bitcoins. This is because they can solve tasks faster together. Joining a mining pool is popular now, but you need the right equipment and lots of power.

Bitcoin Farming Funds

Bitcoin farming fund

If you want to mine BTC, you can buy special funds. Experts use big mining places to get BTCs. There are more of these funds now because Bitcoin is growing.

Before trying to earn BTC, it’s important to ask for advice or do your own research.

Is it possible to get free Bitcoins, and how?

Yes, it is possible to get free Bitcoins. There are several ways to earn free BTC, such as participating in airdrops, completing online tasks or surveys, referring friends to crypto platforms, playing games, and joining faucet websites that give away small amounts of Bitcoin for free.

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After starting with Bitcoin mining, let’s look at other ways to earn Bitcoins.

How to get free Bitcoins without mining

How to get free Bitcoins without mining

How to get free Bitcoins and all without mining? Honestly, there is almost no way to earn free Bitcoin. There is usually some work involved, at least. So let’s dive into it.

Direct Purchases of BTC (best way to earn free Bitcoin overall)

Right, this is by far the best way. Let me explain, how to get free Bitcoins by purchasing BTC. Buying Bitcoin with a credit card or via bank transfer can be a very good investment. And yes, even if you missed earlier chances.

Purchase Bitcoin

Many think its value will still go up. It’s now easier to buy Bitcoin with credit or debit cards on websites like Binance, Etoro, or Coinbase. Some of these sites might seem complex, but most have apps that are simpler. When you sign up, you also get a free wallet to store your Bitcoin. One option here is’s savings account, which offers a tiered-rate structure. That means the more you have deposited, the lower your interest rate.

High-flying coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum may offer an annual return of a few percent, whereas Stablecoins might offer several percent higher interest, helping to make those a more attractive place to hold your money.

Get Paid in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is becoming more popular, and many businesses now accept it as payment. If you want to get paid in BTC, follow these steps:

Bitcoin accepted here
  1. Have something to sell, like a product or service
  2. Get a free BTC wallet from a cryptocurrency website
  3. Open your wallet and find the “Receive” BTC button. There will be a QR code that people can scan to pay you
  4. Let customers know you accept BTC by putting up a “BTC Accepted Here” sign

Earn Free Bitcoin through Affiliate Programs

Here is now an easy way: How to get free Bitcoins. Some websites offer affiliate programs where you can sign up and get rewards. Our website is one of them too. Check the link in our footer and see how to get Bitcoins for free. Some people call this a referral program. If you like the service, you can join and get benefits. Share your sign-up link with others to earn free Bitcoin!

If you’re online a lot, you can earn money from it. Cointiply is another platform, on how to get free Bitcoins, only by doing fun things online.

Earning Bitcoin through Surfing with a Browser

Are you wondering if there are other ways, how to get free Bitcoins? Yes, and this one is easy! Think of it like collecting lots of tiny coins until you have a full one.

Here’s how:

  1. Download the CryptoTab browser. It works on computers, phones, and tablets.
  2. Use CryptoTab just like you would with Google Chrome or Safari.
  3. While you browse the internet with CryptoTab, you earn free Bitcoin. Cool, right?

I’ve just started testing it, and it’s fast and fun!

Watch the video on how to get free Bitcoins (Airdrop)

This is how to earn free Bitcoin. But how much can I earn with the Crypto-Browser? I started using it one hour ago. Let’s see how much I made just by going online.

In one hour, I got 0.00000257 BTC. That’s 13 cents! Awesome for just browsing the web!

crypto browser tab get free bitcoin btc

Play Games and Earn Free Bitcoins

free Bitcoin playing games

Want to earn Bitcoins by playing games? Some websites let you play games and give you small BTC rewards called Satoshi. These sites often show ads. If you enjoy watching ads and playing games, you might like this. But, you’ll need patience since you’ll get tiny amounts of Satoshi that can add up over time.

Additionally, you can withdraw your earnings in BTC, DODGE, Dash, or LTC, giving you more options to cash out your rewards. Moreover, some websites even offer the option to withdraw your earnings in gift cards, such as Amazon, Steam, Google Play, Netflix, Spotify, Zalando, Play Station, Xbox, and many others.

Use Bitcoin Faucets or App

Bitcoin faucets

BTC can be earned for free from “Bitcoin faucets”. A BTC faucet is like a website game where you do easy tasks and get tiny bits of BTC called Satoshis. One Satoshi is a super small part of a BTC. These sites give out Satoshis to make you visit them more often and engage in specific small tasks.

Earning Bitcoin through Gambling or Scams

gambling to earn free Bitcoins

Some people try to get BTC by gambling or through scams online. There are sites where you can gamble with BTC. Playing on these sites can make you win or lose. At iMi Blockchain, we don’t suggest risking your money this way.

Be careful with your money in the crypto world, especially with Bitcoin scams.

If you see an offer for “Free BTC”, be suspicious. If they ask for payment, they might be trying to scam you. But following our advice can help you avoid these scams.

How to Earn Bitcoin from Trading

earn Bitcoin from trading

You can get BTC by trading, which means buying and selling it for money or other types of coins. In the world of cryptocurrency, there is no easy or low-risk way to make money with BTC. When more people want it, the price goes up. So, if you buy it at a low price and sell it at a higher price, you can earn BTCs. But be careful! The price of BTC can change a lot quickly.

Trading BTC might be tricky for beginners. You need to know a lot about how the market works and how to use trading websites. People who are really good at trading can earn a lot of BTC by guessing if the price will go up or down.

Earning BTC through Interest Payment

earning BTC through interest payment

A few years ago, not many people liked using this method to get more BTC. But things are changing quickly. Now, you can let friends, family, or business partners borrow your BTC and they’ll give you a little extra back as thanks.

There’s also something called decentralized finance (DeFi). This is like an online bank where you can put your Bitcoin and let others borrow it. In return, you get some extra BTC as interest.

How to Earn Crypto from Giveaways

earn crypto from giveaways

You can earn BTC from giveaways or tips. It’s like when sellers get it for selling things. You need a special wallet’s QR code to get tips. You can show this code in a shop or online, so people can tip you with crypto if they want.

How to earn free Bitcoin through Lending

Aave earn free Bitcoin through Lending

Another popular way of getting more crypto wealth is through crypto lending platforms. These sites connect borrowers who need crypto and crypto owners who lend their coins to earn specific interest. It is recommended to subscribe to Principal Guaranteed platforms like Binance Earn for lending.

Earning free Bitcoin through lending means you let someone borrow your crypto for a certain time. In return, they pay you some extra crypto as interest. Remember, always be cautious and do research before lending to avoid scams.

How to get Bitcoins for free: Our conclusion

BTC is now one of the top 10 most valuable things in the world, according to a list by CompaniesMarketCap. Many people want to have it, and there are lots of ways to get some. This article will show you 10 ways to get Bitcoin. Some of these ways are even free!

But be careful! Before trying to get free Bitcoin, make sure to check if it’s real or a trick. Some people might try to scam you. If you need help or have questions, you can follow us on social media or ask us for free advice.

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Is Bitcoin mining Free?

No, Bitcoin mining isn’t free. It requires powerful computers, which cost money. These computers also use a lot of electricity, leading to high energy bills. Plus, as more people mine, the process becomes harder and less profitable. So, while you can earn crypto from mining, it comes with costs.

Can I do Bitcoin mining without Investment?

Yes, you can start Bitcoin mining without a big investment. But, it’s really hard to make a profit this way. Some people join mining pools to combine resources. This increases their chances of earning crypto. Still, the best mining equipment costs money. Also, you’ll have higher electricity bills. So, while you can start without much money, it’s tough to earn a lot without investing.

Is Bitcoin mining better than Ethereum?

Mining Bitcoin and Ethereum are different. The number 1 uses more energy, so it can be costlier. Ethereum, the number 2, is moving to a method that requires less mining. Which one is better depends on costs, equipment, and market prices. Some people prefer the giant, and some prefer Ethereum. It’s important to do research before deciding.

Which app gives free BTC?

There isn’t any app that gives away free BTC without conditions. Some apps claim to offer free BTC but often require you to watch ads, complete tasks, or join games. Always be careful and do your research as some may be scams. It’s best to earn or buy crypto through trusted sources.

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