Top Blockchain Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

top 5 current blockchain trends in 2020
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In 2024, there were a lot of new ways people used blockchain. To guess how blockchain trends will grow, we need to look at what’s happening now and what might happen later.

Blockchain has been around for over 10 years, but it’s still bringing new and cool things to many areas of our lives.

In this story, we’ll tell you about the latest and upcoming blockchain trends in 2024.

Blockchain Trends 2024 – From Healthcare to IOT

Blockchain is like a digital notebook where you can write down information, and once it’s written, it can’t be changed. Many people are getting excited about it, from big companies to governments. Some people are looking at how it is used now, while others are trying to guess how it might be used in 2024. Understanding “What is blockchain technology” will make it clear how businesses can track assets and record transactions within their network. This advanced database mechanism enables transparency while sharing information in a network. On top, you can store digital assets in a modern blockchain wallet.

Blockchain technology facilitates traceability across the entire supply chain, enhancing efficiency, ensuring reliability, and creating a global value chain of goods. With the rise of platforms, tokenization of assets has become a popular practice. Tokenization allows physical assets such as real estate, works of art, commodities, and intellectual property rights to be represented as digital tokens on a distributed network. These tokens can then be traded and transferred, providing a new level of liquidity and accessibility to assets.

Just like fashion trends change, the ways people use blockchain can change too, especially when looking at DAG vs. Blockchain applications. Some ideas about how to use it might become less popular, while new ideas can pop up suddenly. Right now, people are thinking about how this technology can help with things like connecting everyday objects to the internet, helping businesses use the technology, managing where products come from, and other cool uses in various industries, including healthcare.

hashgraph blockchain

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With the rise of blockchain trends in 2024, one area where it can make a significant impact is the Internet of Things (IoT). Integration in the IoT can provide a completely reliable and transparent platform for IoT devices to communicate with each other, transact, and leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for enhanced functionality and decision-making. This part will tell you about some of the latest ideas people have about how to use this awesome technology.

What are the current Trends in Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are like computer programs saved on distributed ledgers. They work when certain conditions are met. Many companies and people are using smart contracts today because they trust the blockchain to make sure deals are followed.


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Lawyers used to make business agreements, but now some of those jobs are done by smart contracts and even audited. This is cheaper and easier. Smart contracts, which involve the use of smart contracts, are also being used in money matters and people are finding new ways to use them every day. So, the use of smart contracts is a big thing and one of the big blockchain trends.

Blockchain in Finance Trends (DeFi)

decentralized finance defi blockchain

People are saying that the financial industry, specifically the financial sector, is benefitting the most from the new thing called blockchain technology. Over the last few years, we’ve seen changes in how money is handled because of this. This new system, called decentralized finance or DeFi, does a lot of what banks do, but it uses the new blockchain technology trends, like the tokenization of assets and the launch of digital currencies, to empower the potential of the digital economy.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) lets people save money in ways that can earn them more over time. It also makes it easier to borrow money without a lot of paperwork. The best part? You can do all this without giving away a lot of personal information.

When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, interest rates went down all over the world. Because of this, more people started using DeFi. In fact, the amount of money in DeFi grew to over $54 billion from just $1.57 billion in a year, according to data from DeFiPulse. Today, DeFi is a regular way people lend and borrow money. Moreover, the DeFi market size value is expected to reach 1431.54 billion USD by 2030 at a CAGR of 85.9% according to Grand View Research.

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Blockchain Hiring Trends – Job App

Many big companies like IBM and Microsoft, as well as some newer ones, are starting to use this new technology. Because more and more people are getting interested in blockchain trends and related things, many companies want to hire experts in this area.

Some companies that haven’t started using this technology yet are advertising to find these experts. They want to use the technology to improve and update their business. Right now, it’s a popular trend, and it might become even more common in the future.

The Bitcoin Blockchain Security Trend of Tokenization

Today, there are many different systems called blockchains. Even more are being made every day. A lot of people, both old and new, believe that the Bitcoin network is very safe. Big companies like Tesla and MicroStrategy also think so and have invested in it.

how does Tokenization work

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Since it started, no one has been able to hack the Bitcoin system, and it has always stayed online. Because of how safe it is, many people trust Bitcoin, making it the most popular in its category. Many believe it will stay that way for a long time.

Cryptocurrency Trends: Use of Stablecoins to Dominate

stablecoin blockchain trend cryptocurrency trading

Stablecoins are a type of digital money that people are starting to use more and more. Unlike regular money, like dollars or pounds, you can’t hold them in your hand because they are online. But they are special because their value is tied to real-world money, which helps mitigate the volatility associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This means that one stablecoin usually equals one dollar or one pound.

What’s cool about stablecoins is that their value doesn’t jump up and down like other online money, such as Bitcoin. People like using them because they are stable and can help them avoid losing money when trading. Some big banks and countries are even looking into creating their own versions of stablecoins, such as Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), which are digital tokens like cryptocurrencies issued by a central bank and peg the value of a country’s fiat currency.

In the future, stablecoins might become a common way for people to pay for things, and we might use paper money less often.

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The Use Cases of NFTs to be Explored

NFTs, or Non-fungible tokens, are like special digital stickers you can own using computer technology on blockchains. It’s a way for artists to sell their digital art, music, or other creations and prove it’s really theirs.


This year, a lot of people started buying and selling NFTs, and some even paid millions of dollars for them! There are online places where people buy and sell NFTs, like a digital art gallery or store. Some people think the prices for these digital stickers are too high. But, this way of using technology might become even more popular soon. It can help keep valuable creations safe and prove their authenticity. NFTs are not just for artists.

They are finding applications in various sectors, such as gaming, real estate, and music. In gaming, NFTs can represent in-game assets, while in real estate, they can represent fractional ownership of properties. In music, artists can tokenize their music and sell it directly to their fans, essentially cutting out intermediaries. For the creation and trading of NFTs, specifically, the use of platforms like Ethereum has gained widespread adoption. NFT transactions and ownership records are secure, unchangeable, and transparent thanks to these blockchain trends. An exclusive token that comprises metadata and references to the asset it represents is used to represent each NFT.

The Rise of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

There are new popular blockchain trends called BaaS, or Blockchain as a Service. Imagine it like a ready-made toy set. Instead of buying all the parts and building it from the start, you just open the box and play. Big companies like Microsoft and Amazon are leading this.

BaaS is like a shortcut for companies who want to use this technology, but don’t want to make one from the beginning. It saves them money and time. People think this will become even more popular in the future.

Blockchain Technology Trends 2024 – Social Media Revamp

social media fake news

Our world is getting closer together because of social media. Social media lets everyone share their thoughts, but sometimes, people share fake or incorrect news. To fix this, we can use this technology. Blockchain is like a special diary where once you write something down, you can’t erase it. This means people will be careful about what they post because everyone can see if they make a mistake.

In the future, we might see more social media focusing on these blockchain trends. These new platforms will let everyone have a say and might even reward users with tokens (like virtual coins) for being part of it.

Interoperability to be the New Utility for Blockchain Systems

Networks are getting better and can work together more easily. Think of these blockchain trends like different train tracks. Right now, we’re making it so trains from one track can move to another without any problems. Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are two popular train tracks, and they have a connection allowing them to exchange trains. With the introduction of federated blockchains, the interoperability of these systems, including public blockchains, is set to become the new utility. Federated systems, also known as consortium blockchains, combine the benefits of both public and private networks. They are usually permissioned, meaning that participants are granted specific access and control rights to join the network of private blockchains.

As we build more of these tracks, it’s important they can all connect. This lets us use new technology to improve things like online money, the Internet of Things (which is like smart home devices), and other cool digital stuff.

Future Blockchain Technology Trends

blockchain interconnections using cosmos network

Besides what’s happening now, there are upcoming blockchain technology trends in 2024. These trends will show how this technology will grow. According to a graph by Gartner, some trends are moving from a stage called ‘enlightenment’ to a stage called ‘productivity’. Here are some predictions of the biggest blockchain trends for 2023 and the future trends in blockchain technology in 2024.

Blockchain-based Voting Systems

e-voting with blockchain

People are thinking about using blockchain for voting. Many countries have problems with their voting systems. This technology could help fix these problems. When votes are saved on the distributed ledger, it’s hard to cheat. This means elections could be more honest and fair.

Cloud Infrastructure Moves on-chain

blockchain trend iot internet of things

Big companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are the top names in cloud services. There’s a new kind of cloud service that uses these blockchain trends, but it’s still new, and not many people use it. In the next few years, more of these service providers might pop up and become popular.

Blockchains in E-Commerce to Become Ubiquitous

blockchain use in ecommerce business

Blockchain technology trends in 2024 might change the way we shop online. It uses a special kind of system that lets people pay each other without needing to trust intermediaries. Because many people buy things online, experts are looking at how this technology can make online shopping better. Soon, it might change how we do online shopping.

Key takeaways

Blockchain technology trends will make it happen that people use it in different areas, like money services, healthcare, and computer learning. Because of how it’s being used, we’re seeing new and exciting ways it’s becoming popular and a growing market size.

For example, people are now using things called stablecoins and Digital Bank Money. Big companies are using something called Blockchain as a Service. There’s also a growth in “smart contracts” and more people are getting jobs because they know about this exciting technology.

Even though a lot of people are using blockchain now, there’s still so much we don’t know. We’re sure to see more cool stuff with this technology soon.

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Is blockchain dead in 2024?

Blockchain technology is still very much around in 2024. In fact, it’s even more popular now! Many businesses are using blockchain solutions to create cool new apps and platforms. Lots of people in important positions are talking about it and showing their support on websites like LinkedIn. In recent years, blockchain adoption has become a big and growing advent. However, as adoption widens, so does the challenge of scalability. The rising number of users and transactions can cause DLT networks to slow down, becoming a bottleneck for growth. 2024 may see the advent of more efficient, scalable networks, addressing these concerns and making the technology even more appealing to businesses.

What is the most exciting of the current crypto trends?

Defi and Stablecoins are the biggest trends. Cryptocurrency is really exciting for a lot of people. It tries to solve different problems using something called blockchain. This technology can change many industries, and that’s why different people find it interesting at different times.

When will blockchain become mainstream?

With the rise of blockchain technology and the growing interest in central bank digital currencies, there is a new wave of the Internet, or so-called web 3.0, based on this technology, that offers decentralization, data security, and online freedom. These digital currencies have the potential to revolutionize the financial system, making transactions more efficient and secure. As this technology proliferates, we anticipate an increase in regulation. Governments globally are beginning to establish rules around its use, aiming to ensure that blockchain protocol is leveraged responsibly and securely. This trend of regulatory scrutiny is likely to persist beyond 2024, shaping the future trajectory of this technology.

Marcel Isler

Marcel Isler

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