ICO List – Top 10 Initial Coin Offerings in 2021

ico list 2021

Don’t let the FOMO (fear of missing out) drive you to make wild and rash investments while Bitcoin and Ethereum soar to all-time highs. You’ll have to act fast to make investments in these ICOs, but take your time and do your research.

Our ICO list for 2021 has some up-and-coming companies on it, as well as a few that have a history of good performance. So read on to learn which ICO has the best investment potential.

1. Clever Defi

Clever is a decentralized finance protocol. Over a 34 year period, it will automatically distribute interest to all token holders. There is a maximum supply of one trillion CLVA, which is set to outpace Bitcoin.

Up to 11% compound interest will be paid. This fortnightly, with guaranteed automatic payments over the network. Clever is calling itself the digital smart way to store your assets.

Find out here, why Clever Defi is no 1 on our ICO list.

2. Orchid Protocol

This is an open-source and decentralized technology that gives users access to an uncensored internet. It is essentially a crypto powered VPN. The internet community has been waiting for a project like this for a long time. The excitement is high and the chance of success of this token is correspondingly high.

Users offer their extra bandwidth to create a decentralized network to route connections. Bandwidth users trade Orchid tokens to the bandwidth providers.

Orchid uses an ERC-20 utility token called OXT. Here you can find out how it works.

3. Keep Network

Keep is a privacy layer that allows the transmission of private data over the public blockchain. Keep stores data off-chain using secure multiparty computation. This technology allows for the safe transfer of data from one user to another on the blockchain.

The developers just announced tBTC, the first “killer app” built using the Keep Network.

Keep is already running and gained a market cap of $182,717,793. The trading volume raised to $4,317,208 within the first few months. While today’s price for one KEEP is still low at $0.3947, this is a good momentum to jump on our no 3 of this ICO list to make a profit.

4. Origin Protocol

Origin is creating a platform that allows users to complete transactions directly over the blockchain. The platform will be used for many decentralized marketplaces, eliminating transaction fees and promoting transparent commerce.

Blockchain-powered commerce is for sure the future. Furthermore, it uses the Ethereum blockchain and has a top tier roster of investors.

The Origin Protocol is led by a great team of entrepreneurs and engineers. If you also believe in blockchain-powered e-commerce, then you should definitely invest in Origin (OGN).

5. Verox

Verox (VRX) is an AI-driven financial advisor. It will analyze an individual’s financial situation and suggest the best financial products based on needs. It will process tons of data over crypto and Defi currency to find the best match for each user.

As there is a huge demand for personalized advise, financial analytics, and data providing, this project could gain massive fans.

The Verox platform analyses any chosen token and finds the best crypto investments in real-time. By scanning markets and use of AI (artificial intelligence), this app locates the optimal trading/investing opportunities for you. If you believe in advanced copy trading, then this is a project on our ICO list to invest in 2021.

6. Lukso

Created by former Ethereum developer Fabian Vogelsteller, Lukso is the blockchain for the new digital lifestyle. The Lukso network focuses on fashion, gaming, and social media. They are building a blockchain multiverse that will create a new digital ecosystem.

If you believe in cultural currencies, digital certificates and universal public profiles, then you should consider this as an awesome investment opportunity.

7. RoeVWade

The RVW blockchain is a token offering aimed at generating financing for the movie Roe V Wade. Tokens are priced at $1 USD and will cap at $5 million.

This project is about the true story of one of the most controversial court cases in American history. It’s all about legalized abortion.

Production on the movie has wrapped, but financing is still needed to complete the project. Consider this as a top risk project on our comprehensive ICO list.

8. Cudos

Cudos is a global computing network that provides a layer 2 to some blockchains. As the inventors saying, it makes better use of the world’s computing power.

The Initial coin offering started on November 31st, 2020. You can trade Cudos on BitMax.

If you’re interested in this tech, check Cudos and get this token before the ICO is over.

9. DeFireum

DeFireum is the Stellar network’s answer to the ever-evolving crypto market and dApp industry. It’s one of the most anticipated projects on our ICO list.

DeFireum is providing validators for Ethereum 2.0. You can bypass the 32 ETH minimum by node pooling with XDF.

They aim to bring lending to the Stellar network. And with a minimum option of $100, this will be a good chance to get in with an already successful company.

10. Whole Network

The Whole Network is focused on protecting the user’s privacy. Users will get a Node ID, which will be their key to apps and security on the network. The Node ID will provide authentic ownership of personal data.

Look at it as a behavioral value network, constructed by blockchain hardware. Your mobile phone is the terminal and each user becomes a node. The value generated during the use of your mobile phone will be rewarded. Therefore, you can make your behavior from “priceless to valuable”.

The NODE token operates on the Ethereum platform. Because this last investment tip on our ICO list is somewhat very technical, it is unlikely to find as large fan bases as the Initial Coin Offerings mentioned before.

Top ICO List of 2021

This top 10 ICO list of 2021 has a lot of great players on it, so do your research! This is not financial advice on where to invest your fiat money or cryptocurrency, but a guide on what’s hot and looks promising for a great return on investment.

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